Sunday, January 27, 2008

When Will We Say "Enough"?

Hello Darlings,

I know you tuned in today to get a glimpse of the latest in Gay Hollywood, and I promise to give you a STELLAR blog tomorrow full of photos of hot hunky celebs and fabulous women (promise tomorrow, really), but today is one of those days where you're instead getting an assignment. Time to pull out your composition book and take out your number two pencil - metaphorically speaking. Your keypad and email program will suffice. Stop groaning.

Just so you know I'll have dish tomorrow, here's a few of the folks I hung out with ALL DAY tune in tomorrow for all the details and tons of wonderful candid photos from my pals, photojournalists Brian Putnam and Faye Sadou.
Okay, now time to do a little something for me, for yourself and for our community.

We ARE FAMILY is not just a song by the Pointer Sisters, k? First here's the story. Then you'll see your homework to follow after.

So ya'll probably guessed right away that some right wing nut jobs would somehow link Heath Ledger's death to his role in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.
That came true as we've now seen. Today, let's talk about FOX NEWS.
What burns my hide is a supposed news source, FOX, allowing John Gibson to make light of Ledger's death because he played gay. Gibson actually made fun of Ledger's death.  On a national news program run by Fox.

The following is a great clip from another news show where reporters comment on John Gibson's anti gay hate statements against Heath Ledger. This clip includes the remarks, if you haven't heard them and also includes the apology Gibson had to make after the network was inundated with calls and mail in protest to his outrageous anti gay remarks.

Let me show you why we must not stand for this brand of hate being broadcast across the country. Let me just show you one picture and tell you one story so you can see what the above hate leads to for us and our community.

This is Sean Kennedy. He was a young gay man, out in his community and beloved by friends and family. Eight months ago, someone in his neighborhood saw him outside a gay bar, jumped out of his truck, called him a "faggot" then punched him in the face. After he landed he was called a "faggot" again.

The blow Sean received to his face following the "f" word shattered his face bone, and when he landed on the pavement, the impact severed his brain steam. He was left on the pavement to die. A few hours later a phone message was left for one of his friends, "When you see your faggot friend tell him he owes me $500 for breaking my hand!"

Sean was dead and because there was no hate crime legislation in that town in South Carolina, the murderer was given only 4 months in jail. Because this was an attack on a gay man, the local police and political figures did nothing to help and the family was shunned by friends because of the gay element of the murder.

Look at that boy's face and tell me when will the time come when we say "enough"? You are not allowed to hate us. You are not allowed to spread hate. You are not allowed to send hateful messages on legitimate news sources (Fox, of course, as usual) that fuel angry people out there and give them permission to kill us. While the police and the city and everyone else does nothing.

If you're upset by this, please send a note with your thoughts to:

Also I urge to to visit the sponsor page of FOX NEWS and send their advertisers a notes as well. Names and addresses can be found at

For all the up to date information on this story, you can check in at GLAAD, our advocacy group which exists to police gay defamation in the media.

To learn more about Sean, and all our other LGBT brothers and sisters who have been slain in the last year, visit

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riwired said...

We need to remember to look after our own. We need to get involved and stay involved. Thanks JD.

ez2cwithyourii said...

I can agree with everything you said with exception to "...legitimate news sources (Fox, of course, as usual)". In no way should Fox be considered News (legit or not)... The two words shouldn't be used in the same paragraph, never mind the same sentence.

Michael said...

yeah fox news is worst source of news in the world, i could get better and more "fair and balanced" news from comedy central. The only time you see a liberal person on Fox news, that person is either being verbally attacked and they look very almost sickly.

Every time I hear about a gay bashing and the attacker is allowed to get away with it, i think they should be just exiled, to kill them, would mean nothing is learned, but to exile them or isolate them is just leaving them alone to think forever.

Craig Jordan said...

Sometimes when we live in a small microcosm such as West Hollywood, we forget that there is pandemic of intolerance, discrimination, and flat-out hatred in the USA of LGBT individuals. I was so glad I attended the event and became a sponsor to a "hero". Every single person in this country who was murdered because he or she had the courage and integrity to live his/her life openly when the world was dead-set against him, is indeed a hero. We all need to be aware that sometimes we get too caught up in how we look and dress, or what Britney did 3 hours ago, or who our ex hooked up with- we gotta remember what's really important. Kudos to you and everyone involved with yesterday's beautiful event. I can only hope Ms. Foster awill be a guest speaker in the future =)

Anonymous said...

go JD, great work......your favorite neighbour!!!!..........

Anonymous said...

I think racism, or call it discrimination used to co-dependantly deam another person is wrong. It's wrong whether it is man agains women, white against black, straight against gay/lesbain, money against no money.

Labels are actually not right either. Hate is just hate to me. Discrimination is just discrimination. The goal is to let people just lead there lives and get people in general to not take their issues of depression, their issues of sadness or entitlement out on anyone.

Does Fox have goals that are win-win for humanity? What are they "promoting". I believe the Media, because of their place in our community does have an obligation to support equality. Equality for everyone. People are just people.
Negative words have impact and then it is a multiplier when it is coming from an entity such as Fox News. Things come from "Top Down". So, I have to wonder about the people in charge. Why? What were they looking to accomplish. Why do they monopolize or "interpret" things from a death? Death causes vulnerability. What was the goal there? If they apologize, is it going to change their stance?

Wrongful things do give people an opportunity to correct the situation and learn.

What comes around goes around. So, in the end, maybe Fox news will cease to exist eventually if they keep hyping negative sensationalism.

Anonymous said...

Apologize for those spelling errors in that last entry. There=their in progress...great post JD :-). Awareness (conscienceness) is half the battle. It's about win-win and intention. God Bless Heath, his family and hoping the strength of their love shields them at this time.

CF said...

Thank-you JD for your informative and important blog.

CF said...

Thank-you JD for your informative and important blog.

Joe Flowers said...

Thank you so much JD for posting this. It used to get me so full of rage when I heard stories like this. It used to make me think that we need to strike back with force, we need to fight on their level. I soon realized that would make us into the animals that they are. We as a community, as a FAMILY need to take these stories to heart, we need to react, but in our reaction have to be proactive. We have to help eachother, we have to stand with eachother and fight for our equailty proactivly by sharing these stories and protesting and boycotting those who wish to keep us as second class citizens. Why should anyone die because of who they are? They shouldnt.

Nita said...

I was glad to see your posting here. I am not gay, however, I was completely appalled by John Gibson's remarks. I sent Fox Network a letter stating that the remark and the apology were both equally unacceptable. The apology was not an apology, it was condescending, and infuriating that they thought they could get away with it. I have since banned watching Fox Network alltogether. I also let them know that I will contact each of their advertisers regarding this matter. I am ashamed to be the same species as this so called man!