Friday, April 11, 2008

At home with Charlie David: Out Actor/Producer Tells All

I sat down recently with out-actor Charlie David to talk to him about his new comedy, A FOUR LETTER WORD as well as his upcoming release MULLIGANS, and of course, running naked from demons in the here! sudser DANTE'S COVE.

Charlie David - who you may know as the oiled up yet sweet hunk and constant moral centerpiece in the otherwise completely immoral world of here!'s voodoo/homo soap opera DANTE'S COVE, started his career in Canada in none other than...gulp...a boy band!

From that he went on to hosting popular lifestyle shows in his home country before making the big move to America and the even bigger move of coming out of the closet.

"My friends warned me against it, even with the best intentions, since it's career suicide," he said about coming out as gay, "And many casting directors didn't want to see me any more. Well, didn't want to see me as anything other than the flamboyant gay hair dresser...which I can do! But I can do other things."

And boy can he. In addition to running around shirtless and looking shocked at later-to-be-added witchy effects on Dante's Cove, David has also starred in three movies this year - A FOUR LETTER WORD, KISS THE BRIDE and MULLIGANS, the later which he also co wrote and produced himself.

Now that's what I call "sisters doing it for themselves".

Charlie invited me down to his Hollywood home, which he affectionately calls "the fraternity house" because he lives with three straight men ("We're always playing x box or pool," he laughs) including his hunky Dante's co star Jon Fleming.

Pictured left with Charlie, Fleming was made famous as Russell, the hot acting class student that Sean Hayes's character of Jack kept telling, "Russell. Take your shirt off!"

He is famous in my book because he went to see SHELTER on opening night in Los Angeles. I love you Jon.

In this candid video interview, Charlie plays some pool, hits around a few badminton birds, then talks about being out, his various film roles and playing an egotistical lying whore in A FOUR LETTER WORD.

Here's the trailer for Charlie's next film, MULLIGANS, which is kinda like the gay Graduate. It's a film he also produced.

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Mark in DE said...

I'm all about love!

I love Jesse, Casper, and Charlie.

I loved "A Four Letter Word" and "Kiss the Bride", and am sure I will also love "Mulligans".

I love JD.

Love, love, LOVE! All you need is love.

Mark :-)