Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dinah Shore 2008: Interviews with Rachel Shelley, Jane Lynch, Ilene Chaiken and Dani Campbell

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Saturday afternoon was crazy at the Doral. Elliot and I ran around the hotel all afternoon grabbing the interviews in today's vlog, as well as nabbing some uncensored video of lesbians behaving badly.

First, we tried to get an interview with Ilene Chaiken. For some reason, there was a major lock down on getting interviews with any of the L WORD folks. No one was allowed to photograph or interview them. Seriously. Then, suddenly, they called a press conference in the presidential suite and proclaimed this was the only time to get interviews and you had to be invited.

Even though Elliot and I were NOT invited (yeah, I know, what the fuck? Don't they know I have the number #2 film at the box office in LA?!), we found a way to sneak in anyway.

After our interview with Ilene, we headed down to Lisa Dickey's hotel room to get an exclusive, in depth interview with out lesbian actress Jane Lynch.

Jane shares with us her sexual adventures on her new film, and sings a stirring, touching song...just for Dinah Shore...just for

Then, I ran off to rehearse for the BE SCENE competition whilst Elliot invited Dani Campbell over to our pond side suite for an interview.

The BE SCENE comp is ordinary women acting in actually L WORD scenes while Ilene Chaiken, Leisha Hailey and Kate Moening judge you in front of 1000 women!

Needless to say, I played Shane in our skit.

Well, here's your exclusive look inside Dinah Shore 2008.

In this video, interviews with Rachel Shelly and Ilene Chaiken, Dani Campbell and Jane Lynch.

leisha hailey kate moening dinah shore 2008

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Anonymous said...

wow. Jane Lynch? I didn't know she can sing. And boy, can she sing :-)

Hmmm... Jane Lynch.... wow

Thank you very much for giving us an insight into the Dinah

Anonymous said...

love the duet! thanks JD -- you are "da bomb".

Lily said...

You are our savior!

Thanks to your stealthy ninja sneaking skills,interviewer panache and a screen presence worthy of ten Shanes - we can enjoy all the crazy mayhem and obsessive mania that is The Dinah while on the clock.

citizen spot said...

Thanks again for posting vids from the Dinah.

Minnie-sota said...

JD, it was nice to meet you at the Dinah! Thanks for the great video of Lisa and Jane singing.

~Minniesota (La Abeja Kitty's human)

Sunnie said...

What fun coverage! You all look like you were having a great time!