Monday, January 7, 2008

Night of a Thousand Lesbians - L Word Season 5 Premiere Parties

I guess I should lead with the gossip. Paris Hilton was frolicking with The L Word girls. Is she gonna get a guest spot as one of Shane's girls this season!?
Paris Hilton Kate Moennig

So last night was the season premiere of season 5 of The L Word, and at least ten thousand lesbians took over Hollywood.

There was a fancy, Showtime sponsored premiere to benefit HRC at Ultra Suede in WeHo, then everyone dashed off to The Falcon in Hollywood for naughty, late night drunken sapphic debauchery.

The following photos are from The Falcon where the show screened twice. The L Word screening at The Falcon is produced weekly through-out L Word season by Fuse Events. More photos from the red carpet at the end of blog.

That's Betty there in the middle. You know, "Girls in white dresses..." Jesus I still have that song going through my head!!!

Overcome by the incredible brilliance of the show, women started disrobing.

Daniela makes a run for it as the paparazzi close in.

The co-producer of the evening, Linda Fusco of FUSE EVENTS with Michelle Wolff.

Linda told me the reality show they just wrapped shooting about Fuse's Friday night girl night at here lounge, Truck Stop, is going to air on MTV in the spring.

Fiona and Parul.

Angela Robinson, who directed last night's episode, with Daniela Sea and Kate Moennig.

I forgot Wolffie is also a fabulous dancer. It was great to see all the girls dancing swing style, as you know I am a big fan of the Astaire/Rogers films.

You made my blog finally! Here's good friend and big shot Endemol producer Gretchen Kinder on right.

Gannon, who starred in my RESERVOIR DYKES

Linda was kind enough to put us at Ilene's reserved seat warmers until Ilene and her entourage arrived in limos from the HRC Fundraiser Premiere at Ultra Suede. I made Biddle smile.

Part of the outdoor area. I just love this space. The L Word was shown outdoors on a giant screen.

I love twinkly lights. It really does make the event for me.

A corner of the indoor screening.

More swing dancing.

Michelle (star of the hysterical BUTCH JAMIE) with Fitz and Biddle.

Kasi Brown and Michelle Wolff

Shawnee Harkins with Michelle Wolff and Linda Fusco
So... I'm not sure what to write about this event other than it seemed like ten million lesbians were there - all dressed to impress. One thing I have to note is should you people all be sharing so much dirt and gossip with someone who has a blog? Fortunately, I have enough etiquette not to print all the dish I overheard last night.

I really love The Falcon and it's such a great space for a girl night. It has great energy, a beautiful lay-out and most importantly wonderful food and a great wine list.

The L Word screenings will continue every Sunday night starting at 6 pm until the season runs out.

It was great meeting all you new girls! I kinda thought I knew all the gays in Southern California, but last night certainly proved me wrong.

Don't forget to leave your comments and critique on last night's episode under my L Word entry a few clicks down from here.

Oh, and I'm off to Palm Springs this week since my film, SHELTER is one of the gala screenings at the Palm Springs International Film Festival*. If you're in town for that, stop by and say "hi". We're screening Wednesday night at 7:30 with a party afterwards at Toucans.

*People, stop asking me to put you on "the list". That's the link just buy a ticket! Also, please...don't drive to PS...the film is opening in theatres nationally in March.

This just in - we've already SOLD OUT the Wednesday Gala screening, but tickets for the second screening, 10:30 am on Friday are still available at that same link above.

And as a special treat - I guess - I will be vlogging about this all on Thursday poolside from my lovely accommodations at the gay boy/clothing optional hotel where my studio and the festival decided to put me up. That's right... they're putting me up at a boy/clothing optional Charlie, my dog, and I will be reporting to you from there.

Thanks to everyone last night who asked about my usual vlog cohost, Jack. He's doing great and has the week off since Charlie will be traveling to PS and vlogging with me. Charlie is also a costar in SHELTER, so let's see about getting her on the red carpet!

Here's Charlie with another costar from SHELTER, Brad Rowe.

The following photos are from Faye Sadou from the red carpet last night:

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NelsonAspen said...

Break a leg in Palm Springs, JD!

Geanie said...

*sigh* I do adore attending these fab events vicariously through you JD ha

When the L Word first came out, there was the coolest little bar in Fresno where we would watch it on Sundays, then stay and drink and dance. The place burned down several years ago and I have fallen out of the cool lesbian things to do list. I miss it.

Thanks for sharing last night with us.

Danny said...

Oh that looks like it was so much fun! I totally forgot Marlee Matlin is on the L Word. Wish I would have tried to get in :-(