Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hillary Cries!

There's no business like election business, like no business I know!  

The race is in full swing and the candidates are pulling out all the showmanship stops including a teary eyed moment from Hillary which was picked up and broadcast EVERYWHERE yesterday.

"This means something to me," she said about her work as she sorta kinda teared up.
Immediately, I recalled that scene from Broadcast News.  You know the one I'm talking about, with William Hurt?  "No, wait, I can bring it..."

I'm laughing when I think about this and if I didn't have anything else to do today I'd cut those clips together for you.  Hillary is finally addressing the whole "emotionless stone cold bitch" image she's been plagued with since day one.  I wondered as I watched the clip over and over as it ran on all the news outlets how many Academy Award winning directors she flew in to help her muster up that bit of emotion and to make it seem convincing...?

In an interview with CNN La Clinton made a very good point which I agree with 100%.  She said that her approach has always been to do good work and have a good track record and have that speak for her intentions, meanwhile keeping a stoic distance and hiding her emotions since that's what was expected.  Very good point.  

I couldn't agree more, but of course, the American public doesn't know about her recent track record and votes will only be swayed now by who has the best sound bite and most publicity in the coming months.

Speaking of:

The one "bravo Hillary" moment yesterday was when she went on the attack against Obama and his recent popularity.  Obama has been just wow-ing folks with his oratory skills.  She commented on stage at one of her stops that she's puzzled by the comparison he makes between himself and JFK and MLK.  Hillary said, "Kennedy had 15 years experience in politics and King led an entire movement, being gased and jailed..."

Good point, Hillary, good point.  So, my friend, pull out all the stops now...give 'em the whole razzle dazzle, darling, and they'll make you a star!

Here's the crying moment for her:

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Mark in DE said...

From your comments it sounds like you believe the cry was a staged sympathy ploy. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing. But I am much happier seeing a presidential candidate show their humanity than the last 7 years of seeing the presidential administration show its inhumanity.

Mark :-)