Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Gay Film of the Year is Coming Out!

"I promise you that "Shelter" will be one of the best films you see at Outfest 2007." Greg Hernandez, Out in Hollywood

"It’s the first time a gay American film from a gay American filmmaker has really resonated with me—a full night’s sleep after the screening and it’s still in my head, the mark of superior filmmaking..." Ross Von Metzke, Gaywired.com

Brad Rowe from Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss plays Shaun

"Every few years, a film comes along that has me saying, "Hell yeah! THIS is why I come to the festival!" Shelter ranks up there on my list of all-time favorites. Go out of your way to see this film at any opportunity."
Lincoln Madison, Queer Screen

"With an outstanding script expertly brought to life through stellar performances and striking cinematography, SHELTER is a gorgeous, captivating film." Outfest

"With a pitch perfect soundtrack and plenty of guys in wetsuits riding waves under gorgeous sunsets, SHELTER is a sensory treat." Frameline

Katie Walder is Tori

"IT MUST BE stated clearly and concisely: Shelter is an incredibly good movie! It will offer many in the audience the kind of warm, cinematic romance they've been waiting to see." Tom Avila, Metro Weekly

"An instant classic," Out.com

"Watching this film would be sinful." posted by RR at the California Catholic Free Press
Breakout star Trevor Wright plays Zach

"SHELTER is a gorgeous and seductive film that captures the restlessness of adolescence, the magic of newfound love and the bonds of family" Seattlelgff.bside.com

Albert Reed from Dancing with the Stars plays Billy

Here it is, just released, your first sneak peak at the film!!!!

SHELTER is coming to theatres in March, followed by television on the here! networks then on home video in time for the summer!!!

The music is by Shane Mack. He did almost all the original music for SHELTER. Shane Mack Music

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Cuir Vargas said...

Please, tell me Shelter is coming to México, Please!!!!

P.S. I loved that quote from California Catholic Free Press

Mark in DE said...

I saw "Shelter" in Nov at the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival and LOVED IT!!! Seriously, this films is SO MUCH BETTER than most 'gay' films you find on Netflix. The themes are relevent, the acting superb, the characters are believable - there's nothing to criticize.

Mark :-)