Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Homotracker Party at the Standard and my first VLOG

Here's some photos. Then my vlog.

Homotracker had a LGBT networking mixer tonight, rooftop/poolside at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood. Proceeds from the mixer went to the LA Gay and Lesbian Center.

I thought the palm trees were pretty so I took a picture.

For more info info on HOMOTRACKER:

Gift Bag Review Vlog and dish from the night, with cohost Jack*

For info on the YPC, which is the Young Professionals Council:
For info on LOGO:
For info on the LA Gay and Lesbian Center:

My "vlog" Part 2

Who else thinks Jennifer Lewis should take on Bill O'Reilly? That would be one smack down I'd pay to see.


This year Alec Mapa will host the Center Gala, and honorees include Jennifer Lewis and The Gay Men's Chorus with a special performance by Linda Ronstadt (who we have to be nice to since she told off George Bush in Vegas which lead her to be kicked off the stage and out of her hotel room during that whole facist censorship thing we had going against anyone who questioned our government. ATTICA! ATTICA! ATTICA!)

To purchase tickets for the Center Gala:

Here is Jennifer Lewis at the Divas Simply Singing Event (which I told you about in my blog!) last month singing BLACK DON'T CRACK, her ode to aging in Hollywood.

I feel really, really sorry for anyone who had to follow that!

*For those of you that have not been following, I just paid a small fortune for life-saving surgery on Jack (surgery they didn't think he'd survive because of his heart murmur.) So now, he is cohosting my vlog because I really need to somehow justify his vet bill as a business expense.

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ChadDarnell said...

Is Homotracker like LoJack for gay people?

Congrats on the Tampa awards!