Wednesday, November 7, 2007

AFI Film Fest, Wolfe Party, Upcoming LGBT FIlm Releases and SHELTER news

So last night, Wolfe Video had a party at the AFI Film Festival for the gays. It was lovely.

It seems like kinda a big deal to have so many quality gay films playing at AFI this year, so it was worth throwing a little shindig on the rooftop of the Arclight. I find that shocking since when I worked at the AFI, everyone there was gay, gay, gay - but you know, there it is.

Here I am networking. Jesus, they hire so young these days at CAA.

Here's filmmaker and former Sundance Programmer Roberta Munroe (DANI AND ALICE) with Joe Brouillette , who I found out wrote one of my favorite shorts from a few years back, SISSY FRENCHFRY.

This is a really fabulous film, and you can watch it here (when you're done reading every last word of my blog!):

It stars Leslie Jordan and Ross Thomas, who you may recall starred in another gay film this year - maybe you've heard of it - SHELTER!!!

(That's Ross in SHELTER - your bit of beefcake for the boys today! More news on SHELTER at end of today's blog)

I musta knocked down 5 people rushing across the room to say "hi" to this man.

Actor Steve Callahan, who stars in EAST SIDE STORY. We met at the Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival earlier this year, and I just adore him. Talented, smart and just gorgeous (you know, for a boy).
(at Fresno)
We bonded in Fresno since we sat through an entire morning of just gut wrenching documentaries that depicted how tragic the lack of rights for LGBT folks can be. He held me in the lobby post screening as I wept (it was over the docs not - as rumour had it - because there was no MOET in Fresno. Although that kinda tore me up a little inside too)

The cleavage wars were on, as they always are when Roberta and I are in a room. (Lee, darling, we missed you and your bossoms).

I always think of us as the lesbian version of this:

Oh, and who did I see there but Jeffrey Schwartz. I always tell him I'm expecting him to run this town one day.

He has a film in the festival this year called SPINE TINGLER, and I know him because he produced EATING OUT 2 with me earlier last year (wow, shameless plugs for my own films are just RAMPANT today!!)

Here's the coverage of the event from WOLFE VIDEO:

Okay, I can't help myself (and because someone asked me for more Marco Dapper in my blog):

I took this on the set of EATING OUT 2. Rough job, I know.


Oh, and let's not forget to go to FUSION this year.

It's the film festival by Outfest for LGBT People of Color (so basically films by and about everyone but white gay men). For more info visit:

You can't have a party these days without lesbians moms. It's all the rage.

Superman was there. He bummed a smoke offa me.

For info on the festival:

I'm so excited. Tonight I'm finally going to see EAST SIDE STORY. If you live in LA, it's playing tonight at 7:30 and the beautiful, historic 1922 movie palace, THE EGYPTIAN THEATRE in Hollywood, as part of the OUTFEST screening series.

Here's the trailer:
(warning: contains graphic male nudity and sex!!!)

Wednesday, 7:30 pm, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard

Gorgeous guys at a stunning theater:


Audience Award – San Francisco International Latino Film Festival
Audience Award – Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Festival Favorite – Philadelphia Int'l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Best Narrative Feature – North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


" Sexy gay romance" – VARIETY
"Vibrant romantic comedy" – LA WEEKLY
***** (5 stars out of 5) – METRO WEEKLY
"Hilarious and heartfelt!" -–PLUME NOIRE
" A delightful, winning romance." – AROUND PHILLY
“A sweet romantic comedy with both heart and soul!” – PLANETOUT.COM

If you can't make it tonight, check out this film, it's one of the good ones!!

Then afterwards it's off the uber trendy THE STANDARD in WeHo, with it's gorgeous views of the city, to attend FALL OUT which is a little schmooze LGBT business mixer that benefits one of my favorite causes, The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center.

People, the race to win the second season DVD of DANTE'S COVE is still on. Check here to details and to enter.

Scroll down and look for the photo of the pastries for contest info.


Okay, as promised, SHELTER update:

We just won the following awards at the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (I think we also won best film at Seattle). I'll include all the winners, because we're all winners right? But more on that later....

Men's Favorite Picture - Shelter - Jonah Markowitz, Director

Women's Favorite - Itty Bitty Titty Committee - Jamie Babbit, Director
Overall International Favorite - Nina's Heavenly Delights - Pratiba
Parmar, Director
Overall Favorite Documentary - For The Bible Tells Me So - Daniel
Karslake, Director

Best Actor - Trevor Wright (Shelter) (PICTURED ABOVE ON SET OF SHELTER WITH ME*)

Best Actress - Teresa Palmer (2:37)
Best Supporting Actor - Alon Freidmann (The Bubble)

Best Supporting Actress - Tina Holmes (Shelter)

Best Director- Ethan Fox (The Bubble)
Best Screenplay - Murali K. Thalluri (2:37)

Best Cinematography - Joe White (Shelter)

*I used this picture because let's face it, people wonder if I actually work or just go to parties all the time, so I thought I'd share with you the day job I have.

Now, since TIFFANY & CO are a sponsor of the Tampa LGBT Fest, the winners get fabulous bowls in a giant blue box.
Here's Jessica Graham getting her blue box for her performance in TWO MINUTES LATER.

If you're a woman, or a really good gay man, you'll know that there is no true joy that compares to getting a blue box (unless they're diamonds, which are BAD BAD BAD. Watch BLOOD DIAMOND!).

Meanwhile, did you see my name up there anywhere? Yup. That means no blue box for JD.

As reported earlier, I have only received the glorious blue box once, from someone I was dating and that was only because she was secretly cheating on me. (make note: when the expensive guilt presents start showing up, you know something's wrong). This was Tiffany's one big chance to change that horrible association within my soul, but nope.

Anyway, congratulations to just about EVERYONE ELSE ON MY FILM!!!! I'm not bitter.

Oh, and I just have to mention this because, personally, I think it's hysterical.

The plumber is here buried under my sink fixing the pipes. This was our interaction as I typed this blog:

"Hey, you do dishwashers?" I asked, hopefully.
"Sorry, no."
"That's too bad. The dishwasher is totally fucked up since it's like from 1977."
"The '70's...good years. Disco, Studio 54," said my plumber.
"Yes, well darling, that dishwasher is doing just about as well as Liza Minelli."

Here she is in better days. This one is for my plumber.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love the shout-out for Fresno!
I promise we'll have Moet for you next time!

xxoo Jon Carroll

Lisa said...

Cleavage wars = that's what I call a party! Also, that Superman wins the tighty-reddies war, but only because there were no other entries.

info said...

Okay, you look hot in your production gear at Shelter. You get my vote. Is there a category called, Sexiest Producer?" You win!

Mark in DE said...

I saw "East Side Story" a few months ago and thought it was really good. I'm interested in reading your review.

I saw "Shelter" last night. What can I say? I loved it! The acting, the pacing, the surfing shots, the story, Brad Rowe - I love it all. No surprise its winning so many awards. Great job, JD.