Monday, August 25, 2008

Lesbian Weddings and Break Ups

Well, it certainly has been a red letter month for lesbians on the newstand this month!

If you've been living under a rock, Ellen and Portia tied the knot OFFICIALLY in a ceremony two weeks ago.

The exciting thing is that photos of their wedding hit the cover of PEOPLE magazine, which means this sapphos marriage is front and center in every grocery store across this country, from the mountains to the Valleys, to the rural South and beyond.

Pretty good news for those of us here in California battling the anti gay marriage initiative on the November ballot.

Remember, if you're in California, vote NO ON 8.

Next up, Jodie Foster broke up with long time girlfriend Cydney Bernard after 14 years together. Considering Foster has spent a life time trying to keep this side of her life private, this break up is the one thing that has put her on the front page of the Enquirer. Twice.

Once again on newstands across the country.

It's funny, pretty much all the press around the world left her alone for 14 years while she lead the life of a wife and mother, but the minute she stuck her toe in the typical Hollywood scandal pool, all bets were off.

Foster is now with writer/producer Cynthia Mort, who wrote for the popular sit com ROSEANNE and was a producer on the first LGBT sitcom WILL & GRACE. The two met on the set of THE BRAVE ONE in 2007 when Mort was brought in to do a re write on the script, originally penned by a man.

As you can tell, there's a bit of an overlap here - or as we call it here in LA, the monkey bar.

Foster publically acknowledged her relationship with Bernard in December of 2007 at a Hollywood Reporter luncheon after 14 years of silence. She also appeared two weeks prior at a gay fundraising event - a first - for The Trevor Project. Both can probably be attributed to her long time friend, Randy Stone - an out casting director with credits that include the long running episodic THE X FILES. The two were close friends and Stone died in 2007 of heart failure. Stone had always urged Foster to come out - and he co founded THE TREVOR PROJECT, which is an absolutely stellar organization that runs a national 24 hour suicide hot line for at risk LGBT youth.

Four months after finally coming out - albeit a soft one - Foster's relationship with Bernard was done. The two have two children together, which Foster had and Bernard adopted - Kit Bernard Foster and Charles Bernard Foster.  Mort who also has two children from a previous relationship with out actress and director Melanie Mayron.

I don't know if this is worth noting, but both Bernard and Mort are in their 50's so the rumours of Foster leaving her girlfriend for a younger woman are pretty false as they are both older than the 2 time Oscar winning actress.

Meanwhile, the one out lesbian celeb who has stayed clear of the tabloids lately is Lindsay Lohan. The fact that she is in a lesbian relationship with dj Samantha Ronson and has had absolutely no run-ins with the law is actually putting her back in the tabloids!

Chelsea Handler commented on her show last week, "This makes me like her. We need more out celebrities because that helps the gay cause, and since she's been with Morton she hasn't been in any trouble. I can't say it makes up for the rest of her family, but this makes me like her more."

So that pretty much runs the gammot of lesbian celeb life here in Los Angeles - a new love, a wedding and a break up.

In closing, here's some photos of the lesbian lifestyle here in Los Angeles caught by the paparazzi. As you can see, they are not defiling the sanctity of marriage or bringing down our government - just like any other LGBT couple in the country, out with the kids, out grocery shopping and walking the dog.

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Danny said...

Regarding Lindsay, has it actually been confirmed that she and her DJ friend are in a romantic relationship?? I hope so and definitely agree with the quote from Chelsea Handler.

Anonymous said...

Since when is Lindsay a lesbian?