Monday, August 18, 2008

The Gay & Lesbian Take on News

Hello darlings,

Today I'm launching my new vlog, which doesn't have a name yet (feel free to suggest) and is just basically my friend Tom and I talking about the week in politics and news. This vlog was inspired by a few things. First of all, I truly believe this presidential race will be decided by the media, period. I can't believe how one fact or quote from either of the candidates gets represented so differently from one news source to the next. If you watch CNN the story will be different than on NBC or MSNBC. Really, folks. There is no truth any more, just huge corporations run by people that have agendas and subsequently just platforms for their agendas.

Take into case Katie Couric a few weeks ago with CBS news. THEY EDITED MCCAIN's response to a question. Well, because it was WRONG and to keep him from embarrassment they just cut in ANOTHER answer from a different part of the interview. WHAT THE FUCK? And by the way, of course this is the same network that made Dan Rather resign for suggesting Bush tried to get out of military service. Meanwhile, with this HORRIBLE exhibit of propaganda...nothing.

I don't know what's funnier, what I just told you or the fact that the way they were caught is that the transcripts posted on the CBS web site were actually accurate. MSNBC were the first to break the story just by posting the video interview next to the transcripts, where it was obvious the answer was different (and inaccurate).

Anyway, the new vlog is inspired by the fact that commentators and news folks are really affecting facts, so I thought it might be interesting to have the gay and lesbian reaction to the news- um, other than Anderson Cooper on CNN and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. Unlike the aforementioned, we are just two gays on the street, so to speak. Ordinary members of the only remaining minority who hold the honor of being legally discriminated against in this country.

I am so fucking mad today after watching that ridiculous Evangelical presidential THING at Saddleback over the weekend. Seriously, I could just scream. Remember those stories in the 1970's about old, fat Elvis in his hotel room in Vegas shooting television sets? Really, if I had a gun, I woulda shot my big ole HD screen on Saturday when Obama - A BLACK MAN - or half black, but either way a member of a traditionally discriminated against minority in this country saying marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Obama. FUCK YOU.

Whatever, don't get me started.

The third reason I started this vlog is I just wanted more regular, normal gays I guess as it would be said out there in the airwaves. I'm sick of the straight people that hate us (speaking of Evangelicals) thinking all gays are like Cojo. We really are, people, just like everyone else.

So this is Tom and I's little weekly discussion about the week's news events. This week we covered:

Edward's Affair (I think he was being blackmailed)
McCain's affair
Ted Kennedy's affair
Bill Clinton's affair
-- At this point, please note that the members of the minority that are supposedly "destroying marriage" in this country (according to Focus on the Family) - have never had any affairs. Just saying. People in straight houses shouldn't throw stones at homos that don't cheat on their spouses and take their relationships seriously.

The gays in the Olympics
Hillary's Nomination
The New T on Project Runway

Elizabeth Edwards vocally supporting gay marriage rights.

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Angie5x5 said...

Great new vlog - much more interesting than The Gay Agenda. My favorite part, though, was in the written intro: "Obama. FUCK YOU." That made my day. Knowing that I have to vote for Obama in November has been torture. Like you, I've been saying all along that the media decides the election, and I really don't think Obama would be the candidate if they had done their job before the primaries. Gee, I guess I'm still a little bitter. :-) I just don't get what people see in him.

Danny said...

Could you legally call the new vlog "Newsies" and start each episode by wearing a news boy hat and singing "Ain't it a fine life?"