Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Night Stand with Cathy DeBuono

Thursday night, Mariah Hanson of THE DINAH hosted a ONE NIGHT STAND for actress Cathy DeBuono and her vlog WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? at the Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip.

The evening also included a photography show of the work of Kerry Krenzin, an out photographer who recently completed the Dirty Sexy Cathy photos (as I like to call 'em).

The evening also included free vodka drinks!

And appearances from some of Cathy's co stars and former guests of her show including Jill Bennett and Thea Gill.

Thea and Jill were both celebrating as well since both their current projects will be playing at OUTFEST, The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (and probably moving on to your local film festival so keep your eyes peeled)

Thea stars in Mulligans with DANTE'S COVE costar Charlie David, who also produced this feature which is being called the new gay Graduate.

Jill stars in 3 WAY, her hit online lesblosion comedy which I hear is coming soon to dvd!

Cathy's popular vlog, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? premiered on AfterEllen and will now be aired on this site.  It mixes a celebrity interview with viewer mail ala Dear Abby since Cathy also holds a degree in psychotherapy.

Cathy's hit film from last year's film festival circuit OUT AT THE WEDDING also recently won an award at LOGO's NewNowNext Awards in New York, and will be coming to LOGO soon.

That film is directed by EXES AND OHS co-creator Lee Friedlander, and also costars Mike Farrell (from MASH) and Mink Stole, so look for it!

New episodes of WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? will begin airing this upcoming Monday and the good thing about the internet, is there is no DVR to set!

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TheWeyrd1 said...

Looking forward to new episodes from Cathy! Not to mention seeing the movie on Logo!

Sarah said...

Dirty Sexy Cathy Photos, what a dead on title. Very much looking forward to the new eps of WYP and to the release of "Out at The Wedding" Would love to see the Slate & Kelly project come to fruition, where does one sign up to provide support?

Anonymous said...

Can you get any hotter then Cathy DeBuono? I don't think so. Totally psyched to see the new eps of What's YOUR Problem.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I was there! I love Cathy and I love Thea and I love Jill:-)
And I'm so looking forward to the new WYP episodes!