Friday, April 4, 2008

Dinah Shore 2008: Star Studded Lesbian Fashion Show: The Rehearsal

A slew of America's hottest out actresses and celebs got together to rehearse for the big runway fashion show, which will happen tonight at the Doral grand ballroom during the White Diamond party.

Models included LOGO's Michelle Fleury, Dani Campbell, here!'s Jill Bennett, Briana, Jane Lynch, Jen Houston, Thea Gill and Suzanne Westenhoefer.

You know what they say....getting a bunch of lesbians in a room and trying to get things done is like herding cats! It was even harder on the director when class clowns Jane Lynch and Suzanne Westenhoefer kept cracking everyone up!

The girls all donned skateboard fashions and got their moves down for the big show tonight. I have to tell you it was very moving seeing all these out stars in one room. When I was a kid, there were NO GAY PEOPLE anywhere, especially on tv. My only role model was Paul Lynde in the center square (which you know, explains a lot about my personality) so I think it's beyond fantastic that all these women are not only take on the fashion scene and owning that, but are also gay and proud so young LGBT kids can have someone they identify with on tv.

Here's a clip from the practice run, jokes and all:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing what you do, too. I'll de-lurk to just say that I know exactly what you mean about growing up without a gay/lesbian role model. (I think we're in the same age bracket.) While TV is a great place for kids to find someone they can identify with, the Internet is just as important and you are providing a fantastic place and content to inspire all age groups.