Friday, April 4, 2008


Why aren't you here? Palm Springs is absolutely GORGEOUS and my god have the women been piling into the Doral all day.The pool was packed, and most of the lesbian celebs have arrived already including Dani and Leisha Haley. The entire team from LOGO is here, and Julie Goldman has started her celesbian interviews in the LOGO LOUNGE.

Poolside, the women are flocking to the pool and getting their base tan while some really curious ducks pop by the join in the fun (see video)

In this video, interviews with Nicole Paone (BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW), Doria Biddle (SIRIUS RADIO and Dani Campbell (TIA TEQUILA A SHOT AT LOVE) plus all the poolside action today at the Doral featuring hot women from all over the world!


Nicol tells us about meeting Elaine Stritch and the hilarious encounter at the Carlyle Hotel.

Doria is excited that every single one of the lesbian SIRIUS radio personalities will be broadcasting live here tonight starting at 7 pm (go to to listen or get info) plus..

Dani is excited about her second time here at Dinah.

Plus...check out all the beautiful women poolside! An entire recap of today's Pool Party.

In other news, our video crew keeps fighting it out for exclusives with these two gorilla lesbian filmmakers:

That's actually famous documentary producer Katherine Linton in the middle. Perhaps you remember her from the iconic PBS show IN THE LIFE which is currently rerunning on LOGO. She was the host and producer of that show for 9 years, and if you're good about your gay history...before LOGO, before here! before even SHOWTIME started getting all gay on us, IN THE LIFE was the only game in town.

Katherine is here shooting the sequel to her successful doc for here! LESBIAN SEX AND SEXUALITY.

Listen up! The hot deals tonight are:

Live Sirius Broadcasts on the Doral Patio starting at 5 pm - every lesbian star will be there.

9 pm - VIP Logo Lounge kick off, I'm pretty sure this is open to the public. There will be a red carpet and all the celebs.

And my favorite thing each year - the LESBIAN FASHION SHOW tonight at midnight. You do not want to miss this at the Doral Ballroom.

And here's my favorite thing to do every morning:

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