Thursday, April 10, 2008

If You Knew Dinah, Like I Knew Dinah - Lesbian Feuds at the Dinah Shore 2008

Hello darlings,

First, are there any male viewers left out there? After four days of non stop lezba-palooza, I can't imagine there are although I did try to sneak in male content with the Jane Lynch MUSICAL number, and the interview with Elaine Stritch (the later, I can't imagine any lesbian knowing), and of course, today's lesbian cat fight...which the boys seem to enjoy watching (note how many gay men watch The L Word!)

I have some juicy and exciting things coming up, so stayed tuned. I'm busy now making more gay movies, so I had to stop posting videos for a bit. I do have a wonderful at home visit with FOUR LETTER WORD/DANTE'S COVE star Charlie David and much, much more about the Dinah.

I visited Charlie at his home in Hollywood which he shares with three straight boys! It's a mixed up fraternity house there! Stay tuned for that.

Seriously, I have about 9 hours of footage from Dinah Shore and it's always a constant debate about whether I can actually broadcast any of it since it seriously was girls behaving badly. But I have entire interviews with Rachel Shelley, Michelle Wolff, Cathy DeBuono and much much more, so stay tuned.

Regarding your question of BE SCENE....well.... my friend Canned Heat (that's the one in the body suit) actually roped me into that. I guess it was hard to be selected since there were only 10 entries in this competition. We did a scene from THE L WORD called "Helena is a slut".

The other girls in the group are all friends of mine, Alex, Ilene and Canned Heat, but I had just met Mel, who ended up playing Helena in the skit. She decided it would be funny if she did it like Barbara Streisand, and believe me, it was!!

There was an odd and total clamp down on who could cover any L WORD stars at The Dinah. I guess Ilene Chaiken wants to keep all their stuff on, so they didn't grant interviews to other web sites (hence the video where we had to sneak into the press conference). The word on the street is they don't want any web traffic going to ANOTHER web site, driving up their hits, because of the stars and show they created.

I guess there is a bit of a competition between and, so they are getting a little proprietary about their content. So if you want to see L Word stars, you have to go to Meanwhile, is creating their own celebrities and promoting them (and they cover shows on here! and almost everywhere else)

Did we learn nothing from the lesson of Dawn Denbo? Why can't we all just work together? (more on that in a second!!) only wanted to cover The L Word, and not any LOGO or here! shows/stars, and meanwhile wouldn't let anyone else interview or photograph their stars!

Meanwhile, only wanted to interview their stars, and not here!'s or god forbid even interview me - a famous lesbian producer - about my #2 at the BOX OFFICE film, SHELTER, which has been called "the best gay film ever made".

Meanwhile, I'm a free agent, so I floated between both. I'm just curious about my readers... which one is your favorite lesbian site, or

Inquiring minds want to know.

I did party with and I do enjoy the staff of both, here!tv and - a bunch of really really fabulous girls (and boys). The folks at LOGO too, just WONDERFUL.... but....

The competition and subsequent feud between these two mammoth lesbian sites brings to mind another historic feud in the lesbian community.

As some of you know, the character of Dawn Denbo on The L Word is based on famed LA lesbian club promoter, Sandy Sachs, who in her day absolutely CRUSHED any and all competition on the nightlife scene.

In this video, you can see the real Sandy Sach's interviewed, then compare it to Elizabeth Keener doing the character Ilene Chaiken created, Dawn Denbo. You be the judge.

I even got hit up with my own drama when the here! network wanted me to stop shooting my web interviews since they claimed it allegedly was infringing on their "exclusive behind the scenes" documentary, LESBIAN SEX & SEXUALITY 2. Are you kidding me? I'm a news source, like a lesbo E!, I'm not making a doc, or covering the behind the scenes, I'm interviewing lesbian celebrities! Seriously, I was told to stop shooting these videos for you.

Meanwhile, everyone please see LESBIAN SEX & SEXUALITY 2 when it comes on here! and on dvd, since two fantastic lesbian producers were there all weekend catching all the dirt for you. It will give you even more behind the scenes dirt on The Dinah, believe me.

And it should be noted that the VP of original programming that oversees that show for here! is my ex girlfriend who even from the grave of our long dead relationship wants to make my life difficult.

And of course, I ignored the cease and desist and kept shooting anyway!!! Nobody owns TheSmokingCocktail, baby, and I'm going to keep promoting EVERYONE who is out, fabulous, talented and even SCANDALOUS in our business.

Check out's coverage, as well as's and see for yourself. You can also check out other coverage on (owned by the here! networks) and

Now, onto not totally unrelated other things....

Meanwhile, until I can produce fresh content for you, here's a glimpse at my favorite blog, The Daily Coyote .

I would suggest Ilene Chaiken, queen of, Sarah Warn, queen of and any other power lesbian that thinks getting ahead means dishing other lesbians instead of just producing good work, take a look and learn a lesson about getting along, even against all odds.

Believe me, after spending all weekend with feuding lesbians, it's a relief to look at these lovely, heart warming photos!

This blog is about a woman in the middle of nowhere that saves a little coyote pup, and it grows up with her and her cat Eli.

The three become a family and the blog is about their adventures.

Besides being cute as hell, it always reminds me that you should extend gentleness and kindness to all living creatures, and even the most opposite can get along on this earth.

Enjoy and tune in this weekend for more video from Dinah Shore!!!

If Charlie the coyote could talk, I'm sure he'd say, "I'd like all lesbians in the entertainment industry to support each other!!!"

That's all for now, sleep tight, and dream about a world where we all love and support each other.

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Josh Aterovis said...

Well, since I write for AfterEllen's brother (sister?) site AfterElton and have had only wonderful experiences with Sarah, I guess I'll have to say I prefer AfterEllen. Plus, I'd never even heard of OurChart before now. To be honest though, I think it's awful that there would be any squabbling at all. Aren't there few enough lesbians characters out there that we should all be working together to promote them as much as possible? That's just crazy to me...

Anonymous said...

I freakin love you JD... Can I get an AMEN, sister-friend?!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that no one has posted!

So basically these lesbians are fighting to see who has the bigger cock - right? Wow, this is a brilliant example that power lesbians are really straight men.

Anonymous said...

So basically these lesbians are fighting to see who has the bigger cock - right? Wow, this is a brilliant example that power lesbians are really straight men.

i read because they try to be inclusive of all LGBT folks. ourchart seems to care about the L Word stars. Shit I can read for that.

Anonymous said...

Just found out about this site and loving it. As for the Afterellen vs. Ourchart....I'll have to go with

Anonymous said...

I freakin love you JD! And may I just say AMEN sister-friend to you! I did experience quite a few lesbians to whom I just wanted to say "I'm sorry that house fell on your sister". Because there was NO love. So thank you for all you're doing... and if I can ever help you sneak into interviews just call. ;D ~ Starmerino

Jennifer said...

I love! It's the best! Oh and I love The Smoking Cocktail too. :) Thanks JD for all of your hard work. I love all of your videos and blogs.

P.S. I'm not a huge fan of but I do agree we should support eachother.

Syd said...

I'd have to say that THIS is my favorite gay site. But I do read AfterEllen occasionally. I've never even been to OurChart.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap... we have enough problems without fighting among ourselves!!! There is room for both AfterEllen and OurChart. As two of the premier sites for lesbians, they should be cross promoting not trying to cut the other out.

Years ago Disney would not grant press credentials to online media, but they soon realized the stupidity of that move and now court web producers.

There is room for everybody, yu jut have to be clever and smart enough...

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you're saying about how everyone should get along, but I saw AfterEllen interviewing Thea Gill, Jenny Shimizu, and Michelle Wolfe on the red carpet at Dinah, who are all on here TV. Also Brianna from Bravo's Work Out, and Jane Lynch who stars in The L Word.

And they did an interview with you last June:, and an interview with Katherine Linton about here's "Sex and Sexuality" series last summer, too.

From what I can see (and I'll admit I'm a fan of AfterEllen), they interview anyone and everyone they can. They've even given Logo shows bad reviews (like Curl Girls - ugh, what a bad show!).

So I'm not sure how exactly AfterEllen is snubbing anyone or feuding with OurChart? Seems more like Ilene/OurChart has a problem with AfterEllen, and not the other way around...

sarah said...

I think women in general are our own worse enemies...and I thought that lesbians were supposed to be above all that, but I've never found that to be the case. All that being said, I like Afterellen much better then Ourchart. Better content, bigger variety, nicer atmosphere and quite frankly I like the Lesbian celebrities at AE better. I think they are sexier, funnier and more approachable.

JD said...

Hmmm...well written comment, well thought-out, correct're an writer!!!

Seriously, I didn't realize had any footage up yet from The Dinah, but I'll make sure to check that out.

Thanks for the heads up.

Guilty said...

I have to say I agree and wish there was a little bit less squabbling in any of our communities.

That said, I love AfterEllen! I used to frequent OurChart as well, but after a while the content just didn't do it for me and I only went back a few times during this season of the L Word to see if there were any good interviews. I just think AE does a better job of covering the stuff I want to see covered and they have great writers and vloggers who make me laugh on a regular basis. I don't have anything against OurChart, I just like AE better.

I can't believe neither site wanted to interview you, though, must have been a mix up. ;-) You should go back on Cathy's vlog!

Anonymous said...

OMG Lesbollywood!
Power Pump! Award.
More seriously tolerance please, no longer was it enough?
JD! Congratulations and good luck!

Anonymous said... is the best site ever!!...And i also remember that they did an interview with you last June and an interview with Katherine Linton ...

I agree with the last comment...Afterellen interviews anyone and everyone they can.

I was at Dinah and i saw Afterellen interview ladies from Here! and Logo....i just think Ileane is creating all the drama.

JD said...

On another note, Sarah Warn told me she doesn't pay any of her vloggers. Which seems odd to me considering how big LOGO is and how Warn sold that site originally for $2 million.

OurChart pays their guest writers and vloggers. Albeit, very low, but this is gay media...none of us are in it for the money.

www.ImGay.TV said...

JD - keep doing what you are doing! - citizen journalism - vj (video journalist)

you own - you go girl!

Cate & Crew
http://www.ImGay.TV - "Where you don't have to "Try Out" you just have to "Be Out"

I vote -

TheWeyrd1 said...

I prefer and of course it was through them that I discovered YOU! That said, I also check out OurChart on occasion to see what's up with The L Word, etc. I look at it this way: AfterEllen is a lesbian general entertainment news site with some original content; and OurChart is an original content site with some lesbian general entertainment news. Therefore AE has broad appeal and focus in the lesbian entertainment industry, whereas OC has a narrow focus (primarily on The L Word and related content). It looks like OC is trying to broaden their focus, but I have to say at this time the mostly unpaid bloggers & vloggers of AE are winning that contest (as it were).

lexiloumarie said...

I tend to prefer Afterellen as I'm not an L Word fan at all. From what I can tell, Afterellen did/does try and be civil with Ourchart (at least from what I can see with "We're getting nowhere.")

labfly said...

it is my opinion that the bloggers on the afterellen site are bringing us content that is simply more entertaining. those ae gals just make me laugh. ourchart is more of an extended online world for the lword. it's not a bad promo site... i check in during the l-season * and i know they have other bloggers, but most of them (not all of them but most) bore me. of course, none of the above can compare with the daily delight of queer and fabulous fun served up here on the smokin' cocktail. cheers, blogger girleee!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I know for a fact that the "feud" is coming from IC and not Sarah. Sarah covers every out lesbian out there, whereas OC only covers L Word girls, who, by the way, aren't ALLOWED to be on AE.

And JD darling, AE did interview you. Or did you mean interview you at Dinah?

Anonymous said...

You said AE only interviewed their own stars, I saw them interviewing HERE and LOGO and others all weekend. The only people they didn't cover were LWORD girls who aren't allowed by the GODDESS herself IC. Hmmm. Seems clear to me who the bitch is.

JD said...

I was originally drawn into because of the writing. Compared to even print gay mags, the writing was excellent. Then doing video... let's face it everything is internet media now, that's the wave of the future.

The L Word is only going to be on one more year, so if Our Chart is to continue and compete, it has to provide more (unless like CATS The L Word will be now and forever)

It does cover other things in some areas but as an old lady, I find the site too hard to navigate.

I'm just cranky because it was a minefield out there at Dinah, and at my age and how long I've been doing this and as hard as it is to do, I wish everyone would just get along.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is how this is any of our business? All you are doing is fueling the fire of what might be more complicated than your view of it. And calling out Sarah Warn out when she has done so much for our community is cheap shot. And Ms. JD, I have seen you snub more than one person in your pursuit of the celesbians, so you really should step off of your glass throne and concentrate on making good movies. Maybe even a lesbian feature this time???

Minnie-sota said...

Thanks for your take on the Dinah, JD. As someone else commented, I think there is plenty of room for lesbian sites. Why, I've been waiting all my life to finally have some choices (baby boomer generation). I do like videos and vblogging. Anyway, good luck with your film, Shelter.

JD said...

I'm trying to remember when I snubbed you...hmmm...was it recently?

Almost all the interviews I do are with friends or people I've worked with, both big and small, so I usually just call them, and don't have to step over people.

At Dinah, LOGO set up all the interviews with their people, the rest I did at people's hotel rooms, green rooms or my hotel no snubbing could be had there.

I did interview a ton of people at the here! party, was it there I snubbed you?

As far as lesbian films, write a check. The boy films get made because the boys write checks. I've been trying to raise money for a year for a lesbian film, yet the gay films keep rolling my way...

Minnie-sota said...

Wait, I forgot to say that I know who Elaine Stritch is. What a dame. That's my inner gay man speaking.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody realize that IC basically STOLE the whole concept and idea from non other than an ex-L Word writer and guest star? Initials GT.

citizen spot said...

I only discovered AE a couple of years ago, and I so enjoyed the writing. Then I found OC, and loved the hook-up writer, Lisa P.'s articles. Then came Girltrash, and I was hooked on that. C'mon, Angela Robinson, what's not to love! Then Girltrash went on hiatus, Lisa P. left, and Leisha Haley's blog hadn't been updated in forever, and Uh Huh Her's myspace page had more info on what the band was up to. I just kind of lost interest. If I recall correctly, when OC first launched, AE had already been experimenting with the online video "She Said What", which was kind of like a lesbian version of "The View", and the guests and hosts were entertaining. Then the video recaps started to accompany the written ones, and I was hooked again. The way I see it is, AE is about lesbian entertainment, and OC is more L-word oriented, but with an initially stronger social networking side. I think AE has become stronger than it first was on the social networking, but OC might still have the advantage there. I too am an old fart, and find the new OC format difficult to navigate. That said, I found your site through AE, and am happy that I did. I think that this world is big enough for as many positive LGBTQ sites as can be. I will continue to visit all sites that bring me news and information, both political and entertainment-wise. Can't we all just get along? Whoda' thunk 20 years ago we would have two LGBTQ cable networks today? This is a good thing!

Dina Dimopoulos said...

AfterEllen for me. I agree with others here that applaud our forging bravely ahead in the face of brazen (and OLD) lesbo-dramas. Unfortunately, as with all success, comes the fear of losing that savagely fought for acceptance and adoration. Too sad.

imthey said...

There's no competition, as the hands down winner is
That being said I don't understand "why we can't all just get along?" It would appear that IC has the problem and certainly not the stars of The L Word and most certainly not the lovely ladies over at AfterEllen.
AfterEllen has been and will continue to be around long after The L Word is off the air and IC needs to realize that there's no such thing as bad publicity and just get over herself.
It's bad enough that lesbians are barely a presence on TV and in movies, so when we are presented with 2 web sites that attempt to entertain and inform us about our community we should all just be overjoyed and learn to coexist!
Thank you also to people like JD who with The Smoking Cocktail also provides a wonderfully entertaining and informative place where we can congregate for LGBT news!

Anonymous said...

I'm a straight girl throwing in her two cents here because I care about and respect the GLBT community, having grown up aware and very close to it. I've been checking out AE almost since its beginnings, and no one can deny that the page has had a huge impact on the lesbian community. It covers all sorts of news and backs up all shows that have lesbian content. Heck, Warn helped develop AfterElton, so she's supportive of gay men as well. I see Ourchart exclusively as a platform created to promote the L Word, and it will be interesting to see what happens with it after the show ends. I personally like the content on AE a lot more, because the Vloggs and Bloggs are just brilliant and so entertaining. It's funny though, how E. Keener has managed to actually be active on both sides. I would love to know what Chaiken thinks about that. Like someone mentioned already, the WGN girls do try to keep civil in their reviews of the L Word, and praise the actresses and Ilene whenever they can. For me the choice is, although I get your frustration with this feud JD, and it is silly indeed. I found out about your blog recently and it is amazing, I enjoy it and congratulations for all your success with Shelter. You did a fabulous investigative job at Dinah, Inspector Gadget has nothing on you. Go JD go!

Anonymous said...

I like AfterEllen better but I agree with Ourchart's policy. It's their show and they have an exclusive right to it. Ilene made a show that has millions of fans. What does AfterEllen do? Recap a show on a video blog, filming it at some chick's house with 3 girls that look 40 but act like 12? It features 2 writers and an actress that can only dream on being on a show like The L word. She will always be known as an AfterEllen vlogger and that's humiliating since she's an actress.

Ilene with her show has made an impact on so many lives and helped people come out( myself included).
Throwing dirt on it is shameful.


Anonymous said...

Hi JD,

I love your posts and find them very entertaining. However, stooping so low as to putting Sandy Sachs down is unethical and not humane. There are quite a few nasty things people can tell you about Mariah Hanson, who by the way has a reputation that proceeds her both personally & business wise. I should post it all over, only I won't because it would be so embarrassing for her. Bottom line is, we all have heard not very nice things regarding both promoters. Funny, some of the best money making company's today are run by partners that loath each other. I hope those two promoters hook up again with a better respectful understanding working together. I by the way go to both their events.

As for you JD, you've got a fantastic Web Site. Your cute, and very talented at what you do. This is a big money maker for you. You should start a magazine.

Anonymous said...

ourchart is horrible! plus most of the Lword ladies are straight! after ellen just keeps getting better and better, sarah warn is a genius. how do you compete with bridget mcmanus, cathy debuono,3-way, celesbian interviews, etc. also JD you have got something here.your site is the best. i even posted a commment on AE telling all the women who were craving dinah scoop to go to your site!

Anonymous said...

I only became aware of AE within the last couple of months and it has quickly become the website I prefer to go to.

The articles are more varied and iclusive and the vloggers etc.. are seemingly far more approachable, and appear to have more fun, than those associated with OC.

I do appreciate that some of the L Word actresses may find the AE vlogs too invasive of their privacy, and they may not be prepared to put themselves in an arena where questions may be asked that they don't want asked, despite the best efforts of their publicity reps.

Maybe this is IC's way of, for want of another word, 'protecting' them?

The main point of interest, for me at least, is going to be what happens to OC when The L Word ends.

Roll on this time next year! OC has a lot of work to do to be a little less 'precious', but I genuinely hope that it can and that there will more than just a few sites representing the community..

Anna said...

I think is much better than ! Besides the content ..I have to agree with JD ..OC is really hard to navigate !

Anonymous said...

AfterEllen is much easier to navigate, has better articles, photos, vlogs, celesbians, etc

I always look forward to Fridays for the Best Lesbian Week Ever column.

Anonymous said...

AE is by far the better site... with everything and I mean EVERYTHING!

IC and the actors on TLW are slowly but surely disappearing from the radar (gaydar) screen with their (IC's) attitude. To me it seems that the bloggers and vloggers of AE are becoming more and more popular on a daily basis.

We have to remember www is available in every country therefore the better the website, the more the exposure to the people involve. TLW is not available in every country and will never be broadcast in every country. So if the actors don't get exposure on other sites, they are losing out big time.

To make my point, I am a South African and the latest L Word Series will only start in South Africa in August 2008... on a channel that is not very popular. It used to be on one of the main channels. I have absolutely no idea what the L Word actors are up to - EXCEPT for Elizabeth Keener. It is not difficult to figure out why! In previous years I was very much in touch with what they were keeping themself busy with.

I am sorry AE did not interview you because that is where I saw you the first time - on Cathy's vlog. So from there I found this blog etc. etc.

JD said...

If you're in America, check out Entertainment Weekly this week...they reviewed SHELTER and favorably!!!!

Anonymous said...

AfterEllen is a far better site than OurChart. The subject matter and actresses covered on AE are much more interesting and diverse. OurChart is a lame attempt by the L-Word creators to squeeze every drop of blood and money from their 15 seconds of fame. The good news is that we only have to endure their self-importance for one more season.

Hanna said...

Well clearly these two sites have been different from the get-go so no wonder.

I remember years ago when Sarah B. (who had tvandfilmgrrl - hope I remember that correctly!) and Sarah W. joined forces and they had the yahoo group together. Then things evolved and Sarah B went offline/MIA (?) but AfterEllen kept going on. Those two really were *the* sites and AE still is. Gotta give props to a woman who clearly started the site from a fangirl point of view - not because of money. Or at least that's how it seemed to me back in the day. So kudos to her for going from a fangirl to a businesswoman :)

And needles to say Ourchart was meant for making money. So kudos to Ilene and co for keeping it that way. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Anonymous said...

Definitely is something that I only link to The L Word whereas AE is beyond that. AE will be there long after the L Word's gone but I'm not sure how long will last after the L Word and that might be what IC is afraid of. After they are done and their L Word exclusive content stops, then what? Frankly I think the two are not even comparable, since AE is about EVERYTHING lesbian in media. Movies, TV, music, etc.

It's all about the community and feeding it. Sarah Warn has done well to keep renewing and giving the community something fresh on a daily basis so we come back. It's easy to navigate and the content is fun, informative, entertaining and doesn't take itself too seriously.

I think the feud is not really a feud but an arm wrestle over the video content rights... because it's clearly not about old fashioned interviews. AE has interviewed most of the L Word cast but it's only the video interviews that IC seems to have a problem with. Go figure...

I don't know what IC's problem is because honestly watching AE's L Word recaps made the show actually a lot better, so you'd think they'd be happy for the free promo, but I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Clearly AE is much better! Besides many points already mentioned it is also internationally inclusive and I really like to get different perspectives.
(and I have to underline that OC really is weird to navigate, and I am not old..)

sarah said...

In response to the scathing critique of the WGN recaps...ever hear of satire? Live it, breath it, love it. Makes the world a more pointed and smarter place to be.

Anonymous said...

I prefer AE. Nothing against Ourchart. I also love your site JD, I came upon it about a month ago. The actresses on the L Word are great and so are the vloggers on AE including Jill Bennett. poster 2:05am just wanted to say hi,fiddy;)

Anonymous said...

In theory, it seems like the entire lesbian community should support one another's businesses, movies, projects, websites, etc etc...but doesn't happen, and we ALL know it doesn't happen- that's the sad part. That the same cliquey, who's more-important-who's hot at the moment crap still exists. Worse off, is the fact that people who are completely UNimportant think so highly of themselves that they somehow manage to convince the community to throw their support behind them, and foolishly- we do.
East coast/West coast, movie/music, radio/TV, network, and website battles will continue to go on, for as long as PROMOTERS promote it, and we the isiot lesbian public fall for it. Thanks for ebing sure it goes on without skipping a beat.

ada said...

AE because they keep up with the momentum of posting things consistently and has engineered the concept of vlogs, which compensates for my ADD.

Anonymous said...

AfterEllen WITHOUT a Doubt. I'm a member of both sites and AE is head and shoulders above OurChart.

JD said...

Thanks for that photo! My god, I could write like all the captions for everyone in it! LOL...picture telling a thousand words and all.