Friday, March 21, 2008

SHELTER opens in theatres next Week!

"A real treasure" Edge Boston

"SHELTER is a gorgeous and seductive film that captures the restlessness of adolescence, the magic of newfound love and the bonds of family"

"The most realistic gaylove story since BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN." Jeremy Kinser, FRONTIERS

"Newcomer Trevor Wright delivers a captivating performance"

03/21/08 - Seattle, WA @ Landmark Varsity
03/28/08 - New York, NY @ Tribeca Cinemas
03/28/08 - Boston, MA @ Kendall Square
03/28/08 - Los Angeles, CA @ Sunset 5
03/28/08 - San Francsico, CA @ Embarcadero Center Cinema
03/28/08 - Palm Springs, CA @ Cinemas Palme d'Or
04/04/08 - Minneapolis, MN @ Landmark Lagoon
04/04/08 - Chicago, IL @ Music Box
04/04/08 - Atlanta, GA @ Midtown Art
04/04/08 - Fort Lauderdale, FL Gateway
04/04/08 - San Diego, CA @ Ken Cinema
04/11/08 - Portland, OR @ Living Room Theaters

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Marjoleine said...

Dear J.D Disalvatore,

My name is Marjoleine and I'm from The Netherlands.
First I would like to thank you...thank you for making me a happier person and making clear that I never get what I want unless I take it!!
I've seen your wonderful movie Shelter and I must confess, I fell in love with it!!
What a beautiful and true story!
I love the actors, I love the story and all the beautiful outdoor scenes.
I know this movie isn't coming to theaters in Holland but I would really like to encourage that.
This movie deserves all the credits it can get and I would really like to see it in a Dutch theater..and I know many more with me.
Is there any chance this movie is coming to other countries?
I know a few people from Europe who have seen it too and they are as crazy about this film as I am.
They also want to see it in their own country in their own theaters
Is there some way to get it in a Dutch or other theaters in Europe?
Or maybe on DVD in Europe...
I hope you can help me with this or maybe give me some answers about my questions.
Thank you again for making this wonderful movie.

With Love,