Monday, March 10, 2008

Inside The Dinah 2008

Okay, ladies, I know y'all have been starving yourselves to get that bikini body for the Dinah Shore 2008 weekend in Palm Springs this April, but are you really ready?

Have you bought your bikini, or are you going with the traditional dyke-ini (surf shorts and a sports bra)? Will you perhaps chose like me to wear a colorful moo-moo and straw hat - a fashionable way to hide all the imperfections and - as an added bonus - a lovely and caring homage to our gay brothers from Fire Island circa 1977.

Well, in the next few weeks, I'm going to devote several columns on all things Dinah Shore weekend - from what to pack, where to eat, where to stay, to details on all the activities and hot events.
Meanwhile, I sat down last week with Dinah promoter, Mariah Hanson. She clued me in on the hot line up this year at Club Skirt's THE DINAH (Pat Benatar, Leisha Haley, Kate Moening, Jane Lynch, AfterEllen, Suzanne Westenhoefer) and also added some bonus gossip and insider dish on everything and everybody.

I swear. I did not FORCE her to drink those two bottles of Chardonnay.*
As for all the personal and embarrassing things that were shared about the above celebrities...well, listen people I have to sell blog hits, k? Besides, I've recently learned the journalistic trick of "allegedly".

So to all of you - allegedly, k? Get off my back.

Stay tuned here because remember...with The Smoking Cocktail, you're always a VIP and you always have inside access to all things LGBT entertainment.

Kissing the air next to your cheek,

The Lesbian Diarist


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TheWeyrd1 said...

Love your site... BUT can NOT figure out where to turn OFF the background music. AND that makes watching the the various clips you have on your site ANNOYING!!! Could you make the music thing a bit more OBVIOUS for us fans!?!

Anonymous said...

JD you rock.. I don't even have to go out to any of these events you do it for me...

going to Dinah with you is like taking the queen with you to buy a new hat.

You rock...Luv you!!!

Anonymous said...

JD you rock.. I never have to go out because you do it for me!!

Taking you to Dinah is like taking the queen with you to buy a new hat.

Luv Yaaaaaa!!

TheWeyrd1 said...

Thanks for taking care of the music thing! I think have a mild case of

Minnie-sota said...

Wait! You mean I'm supposed to pack clothes? Okay, I gotta run and starve myself some more. :-)

Deb Blaine said...

JD -

you are hilarious woman - love the site!