Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Would you take therapy advise from these three?

Well, it certainly will be more than FUNNY and some times ridiculous when Doria Biddle and I are the first guest on out-actress Cathy DeBuono's new therapy vlog on AfterEllen.com called "What's Your Problem?"

Cathy is actually a licensed psychotherapist, so why not ask an out-lesbian with a degree about all those pesky little issues you've been having?

Here's Cathy in her day job when she's not giving or receiving therapy and being an actress in tv shows like EXES AND OHS and OUT AT THE WEDDING.

So tune in any time Thursday at AfterEllen.com and email in your questions.  Or tune in just to watch Doria and I make a fools of ourselves (we certainly had no end of psycho lesbian dating stories to share!)
I apologize in advance for suggesting the best way to deal with any problem is with denial and a xanax with champagne chaser!

I should probably apologize to my exes too for revealing some personal tidbits from my past but...fuck it. You shoulda a) been nicer to me and b) fully realized that one day I was going to sing like a canary!

As a sampling, here's some home video of one my past relationships:

My favorite line is "God, I wish you existed then I'd divorce you!"

And here's a sample of a lesbian fight I had with one of my exes that was unfornuately captured on video:

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Websketch said...

I laughed out loud. I have my share of exes and scenes just like these myself. I always wish I had found more strength and just said nothing but it sure felt good to deliver my 2 cents. Loving this blog! Keep it coming!