Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paris Hilton parties with the L WORD lesbians...again

Paris Hilton lesbian Kate Moennig
Sunday night at Fuse's L Word screening at The Falcon here in Hollywood, Paris partied with the L Word stars once again.
Paris Hilton lesbian L Word Daniela Sea

photo by Faye Sadou

She originally shocked everyone by hanging with the girls all night during the premiere night last week.

Of course, SHOWTIME made an ad out of it. My favorite quote from her, "The L Word is hot," she cooed. What an original quote. Who writes her pr, some genius no doubt.

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Doria said...

Oh Kate, how can you bring Paris into our happy little lesbo world? That's all we need.

StacyJill said...

Are you kidding me? First WEHO Pride and now this? :)