Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Lesbian Prom, Class of 2008

Comedienne Bridget McManus and friends Karmen Leech, Eliza Ladensohn and Susana De La Rionda hosted the 2008 Gay Prom in the Hollywood Hills Saturday night.

The intent was to allow all us homos to celebrate the prom the way we shoulda!!!! So grown-ups became kids and prom antics ensued as everyone was dressed to the nines, tens and elevens. Make sure to catch Bridget's video coverage of the Gay Prom 2008 on her vlog: Bridget McManus

The good photos here are from Faye Sadou. vloggers, Bridget McManus, Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono.

Jill and Karman.

Me and Miss Jackson from IN Magazine.

Bridget with Amy Lederman - famed record producer from 1978.

The vloggers in a candid moment.

Spiking the punch!!!

The chaperones were our lesbian gym teacher, Miss Biddle and our Principal, pictured here with Pretty In Pink.

The Devil may wear Prada, but the dyke wears tails, baby!

Busted for smoking! Dude, you're gonna be in detention for a week!!!!

So many jello shots, so little time....
Make note of this shot as there will be a call back later....

Doria and I are the first guests on Cathy's new therapy vlog on called - appropriately enough - What's Your Problem? Tune in Thursday at to watch it.

Miss Biddle was on the constant prowl for inappropriate displays of touching and affection.
Which in this case was straight canoodling. They were reprimanded and kicked-out

Having had an insatiable crush on her own high school gym teacher, Jill was overwhelmed and threw our chaperone, Miss Biddle up against the wall. After this photo was taken, no one saw them for a few hours.
I don't know what happened, but I'm sure Doria will be talking about it on the radio tomorrow, so tune into Sirius OutQ #109, or listen online at

The press photographed the hell out of the three lovely ladies of vlog-dom, Bridget, Jill and Cathy.

The night wasn't even halfway over and the jello was GONE! GONE I TELL YA!

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Websketch said...

Oh you guys look fabulous! And it seems Bridget went all out on the jello shots and brownies, yum. What a great event and everyone looks like they had a blast. I am sure it rivaled any other prom. Thanks for posting so many photos!