Sunday, December 16, 2007

Children, Lesbians and Out Gay Celebrities

"These are our children, these are our youth," said Wes Walraven at the GLASS Home for the Holidays open house on Sunday afternoon to a packed crowd of 450 people. He was referring to our at-risk gay youth including those currently housed by the 7 fosters homes established and managed by GLASS to care for homeless LGBT children.

For those of us that have made it through adolescence and managed our way through coming out, it is really important to turn back at times and throw out a line to those that need help on that journey.

With that in mind, I not only attended the GLASS (Gay Adolescence Social Services) fundraiser, but I started my weekend by volunteering at the Jeffrey Griffith Youth Center's Holiday Party.

As usual, I was surrounded by hot men.

The party was hosted by OUT @ WARNER BROTHERS.

The Youth Center houses up to 17 homeless LGBT youth, in addition to providing a drop in center for homeless kids to use the computer, get a meal, take GED courses and find counseling.

Here I am with good friend, Michelle Wong (we're OUTFEST veterans!!)

Don't worry, there will be photos of hot lesbians and sexy gay celebs soon, but I urge you to visit this site to learn about about YOUTH SERVICES AT THE LA Gay & Lesbian Center

Okay, then it was a CRAZY night at ELEVEN for 2 DEGREES and the DVD Release Party of one of my FAVORITE comedians, Ms Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Sheila, Jennie, Erin and Monica. Jennie and Erin are HYSterical lesbian comics.

Jane Lynch and Poppy Champlin
Photo by Faye Sadou

The West Hollywood Welcoming Committee.
Photo by Faye Sadou

Photo by Faye Sadou

Trails plays hard to get.
Lisa Dickey

Um, I don't really know what's going on here.

Suzanne and publicist Shannon Wentworth.
Suzanne Westenhoefer
Earlier in the evening Shannon schooled us on the difference between a "plushy" and a "furry". The description sent me to my safe place faster than a family reunion.

These damn blonde beauties just won't leave me alone. I was just sitting there, quietly reading JANE AUSTEN, then BAM, they just piled on me.

Jackie Warner and gf Brie.
Jackie Warner Photo by Faye Sadou. If they squeezed any closer together they'd equal the girth of just one of me.

These are two of my sisters from the secret society of the high order of the knights of the nocturnal karaoke crooners.

And now with the DIVA and HOSTESS of 2 Degrees and the Queen of The Dinah Shore Weekend, Ms Mariah Hanson.

We haven't let her come back to our secret society of the knights of the nocturnal karaoke crooners since this painful incident last month.

Of all the beautiful, sexy and brilliant lesbians at this event, this is the one phone number I got. Paul. Seen here on the left. We have a date this week.
He's a bear cub.

The crowd got quite massive at this event, and Suzanne was grabbed at, kissed, hounded for autographs, grabbed some more...I think by the time she made it to the exit at the end of the night, her clothes were tattered and torn and her face was covered with lipstick.

Fans cheered as Suzanne took the stage.

Photo by Faye Sadou

My favorite quotes from Suzanne on stage:

"My special aired on LOGO, the new gay network. I'm so glad we finally have something like LOGO because I think it's important that we all watch TORCH SONG TRILOGY and BIRDCAGE 50 thousand times."

"My girlfriend couldn't be here tonight because she had to fly to go see her beloved Green Bay Packers play. She's not getting oral sex for 3 months."

"Buy my dvd. Make me famous. Would it hurt you?"

Thus spoke Suzanne.

Tracy and Carrie.

Here's Andrea Meyerson's breasts...and a few other people.

In addition to providing lovely cleavage to our community, Andrea is the producer and director of Suzanne's film, A BOTTOM ON TOP, which aired earlier this week on LOGO and is available to buy now on DVD.

Ah Moet. My old friend, my old nemesis.
That's right, baby, pour it real sloooooooow.

Jesus Fucking Christ, Biddle, smile already!!!

With Danny and Elliot, stars of the film I just did with Nic Wauters, NEUROTICA.

Here I am with Mariah. She introduces me as her "girlfriend I don't sleep with". I thought about it and she's right. This night we had a nice dinner during which she yelled at me, then I yelled at her, then I asked the waiter to bring me dinner plates to brake, then she bought me an expensive bottle of wine, then I forgave her, then we spent the night flirting with other women, then I went home and went to bed with my cats. So basically, the same relationship I've had with every girlfriend I've ever had.

The following photos are from our favorite Sappho Photographer, Faye Sadou, who refused to be photographed for this article.

Sunday afternoon was the Home for the Holidays party and open house for GLASS.

Those in attendance included TR Knight, Marc Cherry, Robert Gant, Rex Lee, Alec Mapa, Betty DeGeneres, Wilson Cruz, Bruce Vilanch, Q Allan Brocka, Peter Paige and Jeremy Glazer.

Here's another one of my favorite comedians, Alec Mapa.

Anytime he and Bruce Vilanch are in the same room, be ready to laugh your ass off. One of my favorite Alec bits is his impersonation of Bette Davis if she was alive and making movies today, as he recites scenes from THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and STEEL MAGNOLIAS. Hysterical. Next time you're avoiding work, check out that bit in this video from WISECRACKS

Here's photographer Tony D, who WOULD be photographed for this article.

Bobby Gant, Wilson Cruz and Rex Lee - all out gay actors who support GLASS.

Oh my god, stop the presses! You mean there is another gray haired lesbian producer with great teeth and black glasses!?

I couldn't help but tease Wilson, Charlie and Matt about looking like they were posing for a Sear's catalogue.

Nelson, our very own QUEER DIVA and his mom! He said it was "The Queen and the Queen Mother". LOL.

The most moving part of the afternoon was listening to spoken word performances by some of the foster kids. The recitations were powerfully touching insights into the mind of kids coming to terms with being LGBT in a society that persecutes and judges. I was touched by how vulnerable and precise their poetry was. I cried a little.

The following photos are by photographer Tony DiMaio.

With director of EATING OUT 2, Phillip Bartel and Lisa Dickey, the plus one I always invite if I want to be bossed around and have my grammar corrected.

Marc Cherry Wilson Cruz
That's Marc Cherry on the right, creator of Desperate Housewives. Although he loves Sondheim as much as I do, I haven't spoken to him since I found out he's a Republican.

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Mark in DE said...

"...sent me to my safe place faster than a family reunion." LOL!!! You are hilarious!

Alec Mappa's 'Bette Davis does Steel Magnolias' routine is one of my favorites too. I could (and do) watch it 100 times on Logo.

BTW, in that close up of you, were you actually wearing make-up? You looked even more fab than usual. You've got great skin!

Mark :-)