Friday, November 2, 2007

All Things Bright and Beautiful

This is an email I got from my friend Roberta. People, $10 is less than ONE MARTINI!!!!!

I have sent this to 100 friends.

If we each give $10 that's $1000 towards the Petsmart Spay/Neuter Program that is a multi-million dollar program funding high volume surgery clinics that will spay/neuter animals for FREE. No coupons, no trips to the shelters. That's a lot of money to save the lives of a lot of animals.

I'm not one to mass email for random reasons. So when corporate America takes a step on the higher road I want to support that.

We all see stray & feral animals in our neighbourhoods - let's spend an easy to part with ten bucks to show we care and actually feel like, in this war torn era, that we're continuing to make a difference in this world.

To donate:


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