Monday, October 15, 2007

TAMPA, TAMPA...My god, Tampa!!!!

So I just returned from the Tampa International Gay & Lesbian FIlm Festival. I knew it was going to be good when we were picked up at the airport by a stretch Hummer limo! My god, what a wonderful festival full of fun people, talented filmmakers and a really warm community.

If a picture truly paints a thousand words, I"ll let these pictures talk until I have the strength to actually write something.

Here is it...the gay cops I mentioned and the arresting moment - they take away the anti gay protestors.

Jessica Graham won the award for best actress and got A BLUE BOX! You know what that means...Tiffany & Co!

Personally, I haven't seen a blue box since my ex girlfriend was cheating on me.

"Hmm, how am I going to carry this on the plane?"

That's Roberta Munroe - super special guest head programmer for the festival.

Q and D with Lee Friedlander.

Jessica Graham with Duncan Roy (director, PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY) and Anna Marguerita Albelo (director, A LEZ IN WONDERLAND) with Kevin Stea (Naked Boys Singing)

Here's Anna in the stretch limo.

Lee with Megan Cavanaugh, star of the upcoming EXES AND OHS on the LOGO network.
CJ Cox, director of KISS THE BRIDE

Ice ice, baby.

Quincy and Deondray and that GORGEOUS architecture as they answer questions during the Q and A.

The lesbian diarist with Anna and Roberta - they made a smart move pulling in this Sundance programmer for this year's festival and it really paid off with record attendance and a big filmmaker turn out! Kudos to everyone on a fantastic job.

To see some wonderful interviews and funny videos from the festival - with all your favorite folks - go to and just scroll down. There's some great clips and funny uncensored bits!

I'll miss you Tampa...thanks for the mammaries.....

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