Monday, August 27, 2007

Shirley MacLaine honored at Project Angel Food

Saturday night was the Angel Awards for Project Angel Food. This year's honoree was the lovely, talented and gay iconic Shirley MacLaine!!!

What a wonderful evening! Ms MacLaine has been a suporter of this great org since 1986, and if you are interested in being an angel yourself, please go to The org feeds 14,000 people a day in the Los Angeles area.

Here I am with Doria and Jennifer Coolidge's cleavage.

Jennifer was just mobbed by the boys, and we were quite taken with her as well. As you can see, our eye line is just at her ample assets, and while we were chatting, it was really rather difficult to keep our gaze up towards her eyes!

Here I am with buddy John Ryan. For the past five years we've sat at the same table at this event!

Ms MacLaine was hysterical and captivating in her speech. She made brownie points by bashing George Bush in the first five seconds of her speech.

Maria Shriver and son Christopher also spoke, as they are both volunteers for the org.

Here's Shirley giving a wonderful and funny acceptance speech.

Here's Doria with friends Leslie and Jules at the VIP pre reception.

The event raised $570,000 for the charity.

Speaking of CHARITY, here's Shirley in one of my favorite clips:

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Chad Darnell said...

"I did not lift my skirt... it TWIRRRRRRLED UP!"

It was so good seeing you Saturday. Hope to see you again soon.