Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday - Time to get Sirius

I'll be honest with you. My film is screening tonight, and I am an absolute nervous wreck. It could be nerves, it could be excitement, it could just be joy.... AHHHHHH! I picked a bad month to give up smoking, that's all I know!

When you're done reading about yesterday's canoodlings at the festival, scroll down and as a treat I'm posting a behind the scenes slide show of Shelter for your viewing enjoyment.

Ahhhhhhh. Still nervous. Okay, here's All About Tuesday.

Frank and Doria had a party at ELEVEN for their Sirius Radio Show THE FRANK DECARO SHOW. A merry time was had by all.

Here's Rick Andreoli with Suzanne Westenhoefer and Jane Lynch and unidentified gay man.

Doria commented, "That Suzanne is really, really funny. She should be a comediane."
Suzanne immediately decided to go into comedy and her current schedule and tour is already up:

Cathy DeBuono from OUT AT THE WEDDING.
Cathy stars in both WEDDING and Logo's EXES AND OH's. But her most famous role, of course, is starring with me in one of my films from years and years ago:

Two Italian lesbians doing Scorsese. I mean, really. Does it get any better?

Here is Rick Andreoli and Doria. In Rick's blog today he called me "slightly insane". I'm not saying he's wrong, but this is coming from a man who took off his shirt at this party upon meeting a casting director!!

Check out his view of things at:
Honestly, I absolutely adore Rick. Who could not love a man that has this as his publicity shot?!

Um, I mean, hello he's every single one of the Village People! And he is, Blanche, he is!!!

Okay, if I had a nickel for everytime people asked Lee and I to show our tits, I could finance my next film. I'm serious, we must have 30 pictures like this at this point. Good thing we are so confident with our brains and film making talent, that we don't mind so much when we get objectified as sex objects. Here's one from a Power Up party a few years back.

By the way, yes, that's how young I look when I am NOT making gay independent cinema.

Speaking of tits, it's the perfect segue to the next part of my Tuesday journey: Doria and I decided to head over to the Barn and see LESBIAN EXPLOITATION. Oh my god. Firstly, we were two WeHo gals in a crowd of Silverlake Dykes. I was hoping - like in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS - no one would find us out, point at us and screetch.

But enough about the West Side Story/East Side-West Side Dyke divide in LA....back to this lovely opus of lesbian nudity and sex. My god. I have never seen so many breasts before in this short of time. And it's true, they are like snowflakes. Each set different.

So this "film" was basically a comp put together by Michelle Johnson of clips of famous lesbian exploitation films (go 'head you can read that as PORN) from the 1960's and '70's.

Of course, one of the best films of the festival FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO was playing at the DGA, but instead of seeing a Sundance film about important issues, told in a beautiful cinematic style, I saw tits.

D Biddle also has her own blog on all our goings ons and her perspective on our traipsings through Outfest can be enjoyed at

Okay, enough of that. Here you go, bitches, your first look at SHELTER. See you tonight!

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