Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday, Monday - PARTING GLANCES and Filmmaker Karaoke

I went to the Santa Monica Theatre to catch Rosser Goodman's film HOLDING TREVOR. It was a great film, a sold out audience, and the Q and A was fantastic.

Then back to the DGA to catch the Legacy Project's Gala screening of PARTING GLANCES.

It took all the power in me not to go up to Steve Buscemi and say, "Whataya mean I gotta be Mr Pink?"

With Jonah Blechman from ANOTHER GAY MOVIE. They had a reading of the script for the sequel at Newfest and Philly and I guess the new one is set in Ft. Lauderdale during spring break!

Okay, this was my favorite photo op so far of the ENTIRE FESTIVAL. Parting Glances was such a huge, important film to me. I saw it in college when I lived in my ratty little Boston apartment on St Luke's Road when I was studying to be a film maker. I wasn't studying to be a dyke, I had that one down already. But this film, and Desert Hearts, which I saw the same year, were monumental to me because of their frank, wonderful, open depictions of GAYNESS and also as indie films that were just emerging as a reaction to the crap the studios were making. These first little indies would pave the way for SEX, LIES and VIDEOTAPE and the birth of Sundance a few years later....

Oh, and here's my Desert Hearts sandwich I had taken last month, to go with my Parting Glances sandwich. I could cry. I loved these movies and here, 20 years later, I'm making gay independent film!

And then everyone went over to Fubar where Bruce Daniel's was having his weekly karaoke night.

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