Wednesday, September 3, 2008

MILK Trailer - Watch it Here and Comment

The trailer has just come out for the biopic about gay rights activist Harvey Milk, starring Sean Penn in the starring role, with uber Producers Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks (American Beauty, Pushing Daisies) at the helm and Gus Van Sant in the director's chair.

I got goose bumps.

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TheWeyrd1 said...

I wondered how good Sean Penn would be in this role...impressive as far as I can tell from a movie trailer!

Jennifer said...

That is frigging awesome! Thanks for the heads up.

“It’s more than an issue. This is our lives we’re fighting for!”

“All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you can never erase those words. That is what America is!”

The trailer is full of great lines. That's the kind of stuff that gives me hope. What a guy!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting to see the trailer for this, very powerful. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Off to begin the self induced vomiting so I can sit through the RNC tonight without running to the bathroom every 5 minutes...