Thursday, August 7, 2008

Papa Can you Hear Me? Blue Tooth Headset Reviews

It recently became mandatory in the state of California to use either a car speaker phone or blue tooth head set if you're going to talk on the phone in your automobile. Of course, they didn't say anything about texting...

Obviously, you should police yourself when it comes to distractions in the automobile. Personally, I think everyone should use a speaker or headset as it's ridiculously obvious holding a phone and having a conversation distracts one from driving (a conclusion arrived at after 10 minutes any day in the parking lot of Whole Foods with any number of soccer moms in SUV's trying to pull out of their compact spot while talking on their cel phone).

Anyway, since I've been using a blue tooth headset since I got my cel phone and since I'm constantly losing them, I've gone through quite a few. So I'm going to let you know which ones I liked, and where to get one that won't break your back.

Best Brand: Plantronics
Worst Brand: Motorola
Best Cheap Brand: Jabra

I've had three different Motorola earpieces in the $100 range and they were all horrible. I have a hard time clipping them on my ear, the sound levels are low and they are cheaply made.

My favorite by far. They fit your ear nicely with a sturdy hoop made of more reasonable plastic than the Motorola, and there's a nib on the receiver so it fits snuggly in your ear. The levers for volume are a bit larger and easier to quickly access. The charger also has a small connector for the unit which is much harder to break or bend.

If you need something quick and cheap, this brand is better than the Motorola's in the under $100 range. WIth sales on the internet, however, I would just suggest look for a deal.

You can always find a great deal on headsets at any store because they advertise these at almost half-off just to get you in the store (hoping you'll spend money elsewhere). So you can always just spend a few minutes browsing the web sites for Staples, Circuit City, Office Depot and Target for weekly specials.

You can also save the drive and just order online. Amazon has the best pricing for online shopping on these as far as large, reputable companies go.

Jabra BT2020 Bluetooth Headset
$29.99 until 8/8 at Staples

- Up to 8 hours of talk time
and 360 hours on standby

- Nifty looking

Plantronics Explorer E330
available in various colors
$49.00 at Target

- 8 hours of talk time

- volume, answer/end call and voice activated dialing all in one button

Plantronics Voyager 510
$41.99 at

- 6 hours talk time and 100 hours standby

- Noise cancelling microphone

- Ranked Number 1 at Amazon for sales in category

Motorola H500
$23.69 at

-8 hours talk time, 200 hours standby
- Charge time one hour

Plantronics Explorer 340
$37.99 at Home Depot

- 8 hours of talk time

- 240 hours on stand by

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Mark in DE said...

Are you sure that Jabra headset isn't really a lesbian sex toy?

Mark :-)

TheWeyrd1 said...

WOW...just in time! My Treo headset is dying a slow death and never had good volume anyway.