Thursday, August 28, 2008

I see Naked People

I never got quite used to seeing friends of mine naked in shows like DANTE'S COVE...and now even more of them are naked in this week's ADVOCATE magazine.

The common denominator is that here! networks, which produces DANTE's - the witchie gay soap - just recently bought The Advocate from the rapidly failing LPI/Planet Out Partners.

This is the official relaunch issue, and the subject is body issues in the lgbt community.

As mentioned, three of the folks at last month's SmokingCocktail.Com Mixer are featured...or should I say EXPOSED.

You can follow the link here to see which ones.

D0n't get me wrong, I'm not prude, but you know what I mean about seeing people you know and work wirht completely NAKED!  I mean, in a steam room or a jacuzzi at Sundance, you know that's fine and appropriate and you're naked too.  Same on a movie set, where it's work.  But just you know, NAKED NAKED.  Even though the photos are fantastic, I blush.

And I can't imagine what is going to come out of my mouth the next time I see them (you know me, no censor from brain to vocal chords).

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ChadDarnell said...

Since doing this photo shoot, I was told that I am one step closer to being America's next top model.