Monday, July 28, 2008

Snickers Anti Gay Ad Pulled: I Pity the Fool

Are you fucking kidding me with this?  I mean, I was just at a party yesterday in Beverly Hills sitting with a group of gay young men talking about how inescapable the "fag" taunting and teasing is in elementary school for kids that are "different".

Mars Inc produced a commercial for the popular candy bar SNICKERS with gay bashing as a theme.  A very effeminate man is power-walking through a suburban neighborhood when Mr T bursts through the yards in a military vehicle shouting, "Be a man!" and stars shooting at him with an assault rifle.  Mr. T also shouts out "You are a disgrace to the man race!" and "It's time to run like a man!"

Then the tag comes up, "Snickers.  Get some nuts."

Reps from HRC (The Human Rights Campaign) met with Mars and the commercial has since been pulled.  This is the second time in just a few years that the Mars company has had to pull an ad because of anti gay tones.

If you'd like a look at the real stories of this "comic depiction", visit Gay American Heroes, an organization established to memorialize those that have been killed in the U.S. for being LGBT. Here are a few people who have been "attacked" and murdered in the same spirit of this candy bar ad.

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just.dawn said...

I wish it were hard to believe that there were people completely chuffed with themselves as idea for the ad got tossed around. However, it isn't. The majority of my straight male friends still refer to things that displease them as "gay" and more than likely would laugh at the commercial. Social tolerance is being presented as social acceptance and we have to keep that in mind. Sometimes I forget because I live in a LGBT community, but yeah, that commercial is way out of line.

Love your site JD! I only found it after Cathy moved, which I am ashamed of, but I've turned a new leaf and much prefer to get my news from a place where the boys and girls can play together! We can never be a community without including EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

The fact this even got out of the development stage, let alone shot and aired is sort of shocking.

Then again, I don't live under a rock in Podunk, U.S.A. So maybe I'm the one who's out of touch. Because clearly, a lot of people thought it was a good idea. Until they were told it wasn't.