Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shane Mack Performs at Hotel Cafe

Have you accepted Shane Mack as your personal music savior yet?

Do yourself a favor and find a way to say "YES" to that question! He is absolutely sensational, and every show he does is moving, entertaining and just knock down fabulous. I'm not just saying this because he wrote and performed 6 songs for the SHELTER soundtrack!

Shane Mack performed last night to a sold out crowd at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

If you haven't heard him perform, hit play on this montage of his hit tunes, recorded at his Los Feliz concert in February.

Here are the photos from last night's show at the Hotel Cafe, courtesy of Brian Putnam.

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Regg said...

Hi! I love Shane Mack's work on the Shelter soundtrack and I can't get enough of him. I was wondering if you know where I can buy an album of his. I especially want the song that plays during Shelter's closing credits. I think it is called "Remember to Forget."

ScubaJohnHB said...

You can buy Shane's music directly from his MySpace page:

I just bought 18 of his songs and I am in heaven! Everyone of them is awesome...and "Remember to Forget" is available there.