Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex and the City Number 1 at Box Office

BAM! Take that Indiana Jones!

Sex and the City landed firmly at #1 for box office sales this past weekend, bumping the new Indiana Jones movie out of that slot.

It hit $55.7 million, well over the studio estimate of $25 million that everyone speculated.

As I have said, do not underestimate women, gay men, and the Baby Boomers people!

The film, a spin-off of the popular HBO show, is made by gay men (for gay men really) about a group of friends ALL OVER 40, with out lesbian Cynthia Nixon as one of the leads, and costume design by another out lesbian Patricia Field (who also did THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA).

I went with a group of about 25 gay men and 5 straight women to the opening night at the Arclight Cinerama Dome this past weekend and had the time of my life.

If you like shopping, it was like PORN. PORN, I TELL YA!

My god, the clothes, the cinematography, the photo shoots.
I didn't think it could get any gayer until Samantha adopted a little dog from a rescue organization... could it get any more geared to my audience?!

Already, as was my evil plan, industry pundits are now saying, "Hmm, gee, why don't we make more movies for women?"

I'm sure all of y'all around the country went with viewing parties, as did I, so I will include pictures from our evening.

It started 2 hours prior to the show at the SPOTLIGHT, which is Hollywood's oldest standing gay bar. I would use the words "skanky" and "skin trade" to describe this place as it is now, but I will be more polite and say if Pedro Almodovar made movies in Appalachian then all the folks who frequent the Spotlight could definitely audition.

But it was fun and fabulous and friendly and CHEAP! Then we all sang the theme to Sex & The City as we pranced a block down to the Arclight, where the news crews were all lined up.

I loved the film. I could care less if there was plot or not. Everything was just FABULOUS. Several of our men also CRIED. Repeatedly.

If you haven't seen it yet, remember to pack the theatre this upcoming weekend!

Once again, it's a movie made by gay men about women over 40 and starring an out lesbian - much for us to support if we want to see a trend of movies like this!!! I mean, look what SUPERBAD did for Judd Apatow? He's now made 4 more man-flicks.

Hey - my little movie clutch - whatayasay we all get together again for the opening of MAMA MIA? A musical starring Meryl Streep and directed by an out lesbian.

It's a date! See ya'll then!

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Anonymous said...

"out lesbian"? Who's the out lesbian?

JD said...

Cynthia Nixon is the out lesbian.