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No LGBT Filmmakers or Actors were Harmed in this video,
only highly offended.

Things we discussed in the mire:

Charlie David (I'm sorry, honey)
Jonah Blechman
The Muppets
Perez Hilton (I'm not sorry. If he can dish it out he, can take it)
Chad Allen
TR Knight (I apologize)
Margot Kidder (I apologize - it is not polite to make fun of the mentality disabled and we at whole heartedly support and commend all those living with and overcoming mental illness. Heck, that's usually my dating pool!)
Bruce Vilanch
Alexandra Paul
Ron Oliver
Heather Matarazzo
Scott Thompson
Maurice Jamal (especially since Jason is shooting on his new film with him today)
My botox
Jason's hair cut

with reviews and clips from the films:

Mulligans starring Charlie David
On the Other Hand, Death starring Chad Allen
Ski Trip 2 with Maurice Jamal
Were the Wold Mine
U People
Some movie Jason made that didn't get into Outfest

and on set video from


Someone commented that we sounded like Statler and Waldorf reviewing the upcoming LGBT films. One would like to be compared to Angelina Jolie, but you know, there it is.'s the Outfest preview with your own very gay muppets.

For more of my picks for OUTFEST, click here and tune in Monday for more reviews and sneak peaks of films premiering at your local LGBT film festivals this year.

It is with great honor (and surprise at that) that I introduce you to the Jason Stuart vlog affectionately called OYE I CAN'T GET A WORD IN EDGEWISE: The Jason Stuart Vlog with JD.

Please note, he started as a guest on MY vlog. Then it turned into The Jason and JD Vlog. Now it's just the Jason Show and I'm the side kick but such is the business.

In this vlog, no matter the guests, no one will finish a sentence. That's a guarantee.

Generally Jason and I sound like an old Jewish couple on the Jersey shore, so hence he now calls me his "TV wife". He doesn't want to tell his mother he has a wife since he thinks it'll confuse her, but honestly I think she thinks I'm a man anyway.

In this vlog, I've decided NOT to edit out the dishy comments. So please forgive us, it's all in the spirit of honesty.

Jason is an actor, comedian and activist and currently the head of the SAG LGBT Committee in addition to being in like 20 million gay films right now at Blockbuster.

You mighta seen him on WILL & GRACE or EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS so basically any sitcom as the gay man.

He still tours the country doing stand up and also works as an actor in theatre. He also stars in his own special for the here! network called JASON STUART: MAKING IT TO THE MIDDLE.

Jason's also got a few films on the festival circuit now. It's like he's like Ryan Seacrest, only he's out.

He's worked with everyone (as you can see from all the photos on the left which I call his "star fucker gallery") and has something dishy to say about all of 'em.

Anyway, without further ado:

EPISODE 3: Comedianpalooza
Jason's interview with Michele Balan and
Poppy Champlin

There are more one liners in this episode than you can shake a stick (or grown) at.

What happens when three comedians take the stage at once? It'll feel like the Catskills in the 1960's all over again. Get ready for three east coast comedians, live and uncensored.

Poppy Champlin and Michelle Balan have been doing comedy more years than they'll probably let me say. Michelle made a big splash two years ago as the last woman standing on LAST COMIC STANDING.

You can see Poppy once a month at her show at Girl Bar in Los Angeles, and if you've been to Dinah Shore you've probably seen her headline there. She's also been on the Rosie Cruise, RSVP... the whole gay circuit. If you're in P town now, you can catch her there.

We went to the Standard Hotel here in LA on the Sunset Strip one Sunday afternoon to attend the INSTINCT MAGAZINE 10 year anniversary party and that's where we (secretly) filmed this vlog. I kept in the part where we pretend for the waitress that we're not taping. Also Poppy is barely in this vlog mainly because she sat on the side with me eating the chocolate fondue.

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Anonymous said...

I finally saw it.. it was hard to find.. since it was SO FAR AT THE BOTTOM! :)

This was very cute.. except, I am way to close to the camera! No one needs to see me that close :)