Sunday, July 6, 2008

Outfest Preview Part 3: The Hidden Gems

Please, help me, help you not see bad gay movies!!!

Here's a guide to the lgbt films coming out this summer, either at your local film festival, your gay tv networks or your local art theatre (and also all playing at the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival starting this week).

I have to tell you, it looks like there will be some good little lgbt gems coming out this year.

If you live somewhere other than LA, these films will come to your local film festival. No matter where you live in the US (and abroad) there is probably an lgbt film festival within a 100 miles. Personally, I highly recommend attending your local film festival - these are wonderful cultural events for the LGBT community where you not only get to see films by and about our community, but you get to watch the with your community - initiating conversation.

A list of national LGBT film festivals can be found here: Find a Festival in Your Area.

LGBT films general premiere at one of the top three: Frameline: San Francisco's International LGBT Film Festival, OUTFEST: The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and/or The Philadelphia LGBT Film Festival.

A Donald Strachey Mystery
director: Ron Oliver

This is the third installment of the popular detective series produced by the here! networks based on the novels of the same name and starring out actor Chad Allen.

These are truly enjoyable mystery tv movies in the vein of a gay Hart to Hart or Rockford Files. There is always plenty of eye candy, and Chad Allen is just sensational as is his side kick Kenny Kwon. There is always a nice Thin Man feel to the happy couple with Chad Allen's clean cut politico boyfriend played by Sebastian Spence. It's also fun to look for little nods to film classics including Blade Runner and The Maltese Falcon which out director Ron Oliver likes to slip in.

outfest hamlet 2HAMLET 2
directed by Andrew Fleming
Sunday, July 13, 7:00 pm

Outrageous and political incorrect with a phenom cast, this was a snickering success at The Sundance Film Festival where it premiered earlier this year.

Think Christopher Guest meets Borat meets Dead Poet's Society with a sprinkling of South Park set to music of Flashdance in this film about a loser high school teacher who tries to save his drama program by staging a musical sequel to Hamlet starring Jesus.

This screening at OUTFEST is sponsored by the ACLU, which is funny considering I hear it is SO politically incorrect you just laugh out loud, and funny girl Amy Poehler plays an over-zealous, anti semitic ACLU lawyer.

The stellar cast includes British comedian Steve Coogan, indie staple Catherine Kenner and David Arquette, Melonie Diaz from gay favs Quincenera and Itty Bitty Titty Committee, with the Being Elizabeth Shue performance going to Elizabeth Shue playing herself. Latinos, gays, Christians, liberals, middle America - no one is left unscathed.

Here's the trailer.


directed by Andrea Meyerson
July 12
4:15 pm

From Andrea Meyerson, the woman who brought you Laughing Matters, More Laughing Matters and Laughing Matters The Men (all play on LOGO and are available on video) now comes the NEX GEN!

Go behind the scenes and get an intimate look at a group of fresh, up and coming OUT comics including Edison Apple, Gloria Bigelow, Ryan Hill, Daniel Leary, Bridget McManus and Amy Tee.

Directors: Various.
July 12, 7:00 PM

The funniest thing about this episodic comedy is, why isn't it being produced by one of the gay networks!?

This produced for the internet web series is about 3 lesbians living with a straight room mate and as they say, comedy ensues. It's basically hot girls acting silly, and it is leaps and bounds more entertaining than 90% of the gay network programming. So kudos to the entire team for finding a way of making it completely on their own, without the support of a network or studio.

Stars include Maeve Quinlan from South of Nowhere and Jill Bennett from Dante's Cove with cute cameos and guest stars including Elizabeth Keener from The L Word and comedian Bridget McManus. There will be a q&a afterwards with the stars and creators of the show.

Watch trailer here:

For more OUTFEST movie picks, check out Outfest Preview: Part One.

Stay tuned this week for more insider OUTFEST tips and dish. Also, I'll be reporting every day from the festival with photos, interviews, scandals, VIP insider info and much more.

See you at the gay movies!!!

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