Monday, June 30, 2008

The L Word, South of Nowhere, Work Out and Loving Annabelle - together on set

Last week, the stars of several lesbian films and tv shows got together for a good cause: to participate in a public service announcement for The Point Foundation.

The PSA starred Clementine Ford and Rose Rollins from THE L WORD; Katherine Brooks - writer/director of LOVING ANNABELLE and star Erin Kelly; Gabrielle Christian and Maeve Quinlan from SOUTH OF NOWHERE, Jackie Warner and Rebecca Cardon from WORK OUT and Thea Gill from QUEER AS FOLK.

I produced and directed a script by Dara Nai from Dara wrote a very funny script that played on the characters these women portray on film.

Here I am at left trying to work a musical number into the scene.

With or without the musical number, this spot will premiere on the SEASON 5 L WORD DVD. More info on pre ordering that with a special gift at bottom of post.(includes a limited time free gift plus insider info: Wolfe generally ships a bit before the official release date so you may get it early!)

I have to say, as far as shoots go, this one was an absolute blast. Everyone that came in was not only sweet, but fun. Good energy all around. Then I realized - of course we had a great time - this was for charity and everyone there was donating their time for free because they care and want to affect change... so of course they're all so fucking cool!

For a glimpse into the shoot...which was pretty much laughs all day... here are the outtakes.

clementine ford the l word rose rollinsClementine Ford and Rose Rollins from THE L WORD could not stop laughing.

jackie warner rebecca cardonNeither could Jackie Warner and Rebecca Cardon from WORK OUT. Well, Dara's script was very funny.

Charlie David from DANTE'S COVE & MULLIGANS came to support bf Brandon Kneefel who is a Point Scholar. Pictured here with myself, Katherine Brooks, Erin Kelly, Brandon and Dara Nai.
The Point Foundation's Jennifer Kormel gets Scholar Kee Kee Watkins ready for her close up.

All three scholars who starred in this PSA were either kicked out of their homes, or left because of rejection from their parents after coming out as gay. All three actually slept on couches and lived with friends, left without the basic support of a loving family...just because they admitted being gay.

The Point Foundation is an incredible organization that provides full scholarships to LGBT students of merit and need.

In addition to receiving full scholarships, they are also provided a mentor in their field. In return the scholars are required to volunteer for non profit LGBT organizations in their cities.

Point Scholars are currently at colleges all around the US including Havard, NYU, Julliard, Tufts, Vanderbilt, Princeton, Emory, Smith, USC, Georgetown, Brown, Columbia, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and American.

As Dara says, "they are all smarty pants".

Point not only supplies full scholarships and mentors, they also provide support and many refer to the organization as their second family (or in most cases, their only family). Together, the mentors and scholars have created a rich, vibrant community of people who are committed to creating change in our community.

With Point Scholar Britany Bjurstrom from Wellesley College. As you can see, she's very camera shy.

If you need money for college and are LGB or T, go to to find out how to apply for a full college scholarship. .

If you'd like to support educating our youth and building our LGBT leaders of the future, please consider giving a donation. All the actors in this video donated their time in support of this wonderful, life changing organization.

If we continue to be denied rights in this country and opposed by those that seek to silence or condemn us, the least we can do as a community is reach out to our youth and offer them the support and encouragement they deserve, until we do indeed reach a time and place where all men are created and treated equal.

With Cinematographer Kari D'Allessandro. Yes, she's a lesbian too.

Brandon prepares.

Clementine and Thea in hair and make up.

Sam Rowley with Thea Gill.

Gabrielle Christian and Maeve Quinlan play daughter and mother in SOUTH OF NOWHERE.

Rose, Clementine pose with Katherine and Erin.

"Will they ever stop laughing"

" much can we get away with in this script..."

With make up artist Jeffrey Paul. The two butches with the gay - it's the only way movies get made.

"Does this thing get the Playboy channel?"

The PSA will be on the upcoming dvd of Season 5 of THE L WORD, which will come out on October 21.

As you can see, I was totally worn out from directing beautiful women all day.

"Please, no more beautiful women. I can't take any more!"

All photos by Brian Putnam of Putnam Photography.

Director Katherine Brooks and Erin Kelly, the star of her iconic lesbian coming-out-at-catholic-school film LOVING ANNABELLE recorded video at the shoot and did this funny vlog:

The Point Foundation was started by two wealthy gay men who were looking around for a good lgbt org to donate some 0f that cash-dinero to. They found none quite matched their interests, so they started Point. In the first year, Bruce Lindstrom and his partner Carl Strickland put 7 kids through college. Just them. That's right. They personally gave 7 lgbt youths a full college education.

That was in 2001, and subsequently more affluent and influential members of our community have stepped up to donate money. Currently there are 90 scholars, and 42 alumni.

Thank you Point Foundation and all those that support!

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Thea is so beautiful! How I miss QAF... This seems like a really interesting project though. Can't wait to see it

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