Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gay Marriage Ban Lifted by Supreme Court in CA - What does it all Mean?

Hello Darlings,

Just because I love you, I dragged my very tired, overworked body down to West Hollywood on May 15th - a day that will live in infamy for the religious right*- to ask the questions we all want answers to.

That morning at around 10 am, the predominantly republican California Supreme Court could not find any reason to keep lgbt folks from getting married.

In this video, I found folks that can fill you in on all the details. In 5 easy minutes you can get all your questions answered, and sound really smart at cocktail parties this weekend because you know so much about this issue!

I'm here for you.

"When can I get married?"

"What's this November initiative I keep hearing about?"

"What does the decision mean?"

Also, as an added bonus, you can also find out all about Hilary Clinton's visit to Los Angeles the very same night!

An update since this video was made. Our enemies have now put a motion a request to the Court to postpone the implementation of this ruling until the November elections. Have I mentioned how much I hate the religious right?

That's right....this means if this ruling is passed, we WON'T be able to get married in this state until the November election.

Friends, I am going to have SO MUCH more coverage on all of this very soon, including the home address and phone number for James Dobson.

Get this...they are calling it The California Marriage Protection Act.

To this, I only have to quote Hurley from LOST this week: "Jesus is not a weapon".


Here's what some of our favorite people had to say about all this today:

"President Bush has always believed marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman. Today's decision by the California Supreme Court illustrates that a federal constitutional amendment is the best way for the people to decide what marriage means."

-White House Press Secretary Dana Perino

"I respect the court's decision and as governor, I will uphold its ruling."

-California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

*"What an outrage. It will be up to the people of California to preserve traditional marriage by passing a constitutional amendment. ... Only then can they protect themselves from this latest example of judicial tyranny."

-James Dobson, chairman of the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family

"I welcome the California Supreme Court's historic decision. I have long fought against discrimination and believe that the state constitution provides for equal treatment for all of California's citizens and families, which today's decision recognizes."

-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco

*"This is what the California Supreme Court has said: Children have a new role model - homosexual marriage, aspire to it. This is a disaster."

-Randy Thomasson of, a campaign to amend the California Constitution to ban gay marriage

"We won. Today is the day we've been working for - a watershed for basic fairness and human dignity. Profound social change starts in California, and does not end here. It influences the rest of the nation."

-Maya Harris, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California


Meanwhile, if you would like to kill time at work Monday, here's some really interesting reading. I mean, I'm sure you've read and seen what WE have to say....check out what THEY have to say:




The large coalition of organizations leading the movement is Equality for All -

Equality California -

National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR)

Lambda Legal

The Taskforce

Liberty Hill Foundation -

ACLU Southern California -

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the update and that video! This is fantastic news, even if it gets overturned in November, it's progress.

citizen spot said...

Thanks for the video report and the friends and foes links.

Minnie-sota said...

Thanks for the video, JD. Those of us outside of California will help...even ones like me, who have no interest in getting married. The principle is too important.

Anonymous said...

JD apologize for the language, hopefully it can translate. Thank's you for the video.

Gracias por el video JD, muy sentimental y decidido.
Soy straight y aunque no quiero casarme, si cambio de opinión en el futuro y decido casarme tendré la libertad de hacerlo, si alguien me lo prohibiría por pseudo razones inconsistentes me sentiria minimizada y decepcionada de la humanidad. Todos tenemos derechos a la felicidad y el amor no puede limitarse por experimentar ese amor de manera diferente aunque sea igual de intenso.

De verdad me alegro, espero que la igualdad sea cada vez más una realidad y no una utopía. Gracias por compartir este tema JD. me hace creer en un futuro optimista y con justicia.

Esta noticia sólo me dice que hará más gente felíz en el mundo, nuestro mundo.

Mucha suerte en todo.
Y. Mendoza