Saturday, May 24, 2008

Be Scene 205: My Friends and I Doing the L Word at Dinah Shore

The Lesbian Mafia? Maybe not, see below...

So you know, my friend Canned Heat arranged for and talked us into doing a scene from THE L WORD in front of some tough judges including Ilene Chaiken, Kate Moening, Leisha Hailey, Elizabeth Keener, Alex Hedison and Rachel Shelley.

I was nervous as hell, but I was proud of my buddies, who I thought did a valiant job considering there were like 1000 women watching us!

Here's the video.

And as far as that comment Alex made about thinking the L WORD girls were the real lesbian mafia...

...might I direct your attention to the following list seen here at left, from

It's looked pretty much like this for 3 months, and SHELTER (my film) has been sitting up there at number 1 even though we haven't even come out on dvd yet (this week we do).

I did a one-on-one interview with Ilene Chaiken and Rachel Shelly in their private suite just a few hours prior.

That video, which also includes an interview with Jane Lynch and Dani Campbell, can be viewed here.

Too bad the interview didn't happen AFTER, I would had a few things to say!!

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jetgirl said...

I thought your skit was pretty good and funny and not embarrassing to watch like the other skits. I mean, the other skits made me cringe but you guys were right on. Love the Helena Babs accent!

So how hot is Rachel Shelley? What a nice surprise. Did you know she was gonna do that?

Anonymous said...

Love it! You gals where fabulous!

TheWeyrd1 said...

I agree with jetgirl, but only hypothetically since I haven't seen any of the other skits...but I can imagine