Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things that Amuse Me - Week of March 18th

Janet Jackson teaching Larry King how to do her dance moves.

Janet will be receiving a huge award at the Glaad Media Awards in April.

I'm hosting a table there and still have a few seats left, so if you want to hang with me and Miss Jackson at this uber chique "gay oscar" ceremony with all of gay and gay friendly Hollywood, click here to go to the GLAAD MEDIA AWARDS SITE TO BUY A TICKET.

What can I say about this photo other than it has to do with two things that amuse me... my favorite television show (since SIX FEET UNDER is deceased and I don't get SHOWTIME in order to watch DEXTER) and making fun of religion.

I was recently at a small dinner party in the Hollywood Hills and I tried to get all the gays and lesbians to one side of the long table outside on the balcony with impressive views of the entire scope of Southern California to recreate this pose for the publicity photographer that was there but alas...they did not share my same sense of humour (and we had no drag queen to play Mary).

I also recently tried to get Adam Bouska to recreate the famous balcony scene from WEST SIDE STORY with my two SHELTER stars Brad Rowe and Trevor Wright for our Frontier's cover shoot. The gays there looked at me like I was crazy too.

Anyway, kudos to BATTLESTAR, tying in the religious themes so prevalent in the show to this promo shot for the new season.

It tears me to pieces to even consider sending you away from my beloved site to another web location, but if you promise to return, you should check out the cute 6 minute recap of the entire BATTLESTAR GALACTICA story at their web site. It's called What the Frack is Going on?

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willam said...

only 1 drag queen i know can pull off virgin mary