Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Making of a Cover: The SHELTER/Frontiers Cover

One lesbian. Two straight men. Four gay men and a roof high above Hollywood with a view of the Hollywood sign. A sign, by the way, I am convinced they put up there to remind all the drunk starlets and party boys when they sober up where they are.

Oh, that's right Hollywood. Shit. Still here.*

Anyway, I had the great opportunity to spend the afternoon hanging out with some fabulous people for the cover shoot of FRONTIERS MAGAZINE for my film, SHELTER.

One of the gay men was photographer Adam Bouska. Here is a sampling of Adam's work. His web site is below, so do check out the whole package, if you excuse the expression.

I first met Adam when he did the photographs of Marco Dapper, the star of the last film I produced EATING OUT 2.

Let's face it, one never tires of looking at photos of Marco. What the heck, one more.

So Adam and I became admirers of each other because I think in addition to being so damn talented, he's also a fabulous guy. Here we are loving on each other during OUTFEST proving once again that lesbians and gay men get along!

The two straight men were the fabulous stars, Brad Rowe and Trevor Wright.

Next was the editor of Frontiers, Jeremy Kinser, who I had met on several occasions but didn't get to know until his FAVORITE MOVIES list popped up one day on my Facebook. I was impressed and thrilled and literally called him that afternoon and invited him to lunch. I was delighted at the chance to befriend someone that was so smart about movies, and would get all my crazy movie references! At last, another film-o-phyle.** We had a great lunch, then I bugged him about this cover, then he said, well let me look at the film, then he said, "I loved it, let's do it" and the next thing you know we're on a roof.

The third gay man was stylist Gabriel Avila from Andrew Christian, seen below here in this shot. Gabriel was kind enough to gift me a fabulous Andrew Christian tank which I am actually currently waiting. I'm still waiting for the gifts for my cast boys, so if you're reading this, get cracking there!
Adam breaks into a utility room and finds the perfect location.

Brad and Trevor arrive. Gabriel checks them out to see what clothes would work.

Picking out the clothes.

The first set up.

The second set up. Brad is in his own classic 1970's tuxedo.

The fourth gay man I make reference to in the first sentence is Jeff, who I actually didn't get a picture of!  Curses.  He is Adam's bf, a wonderful photo assistant and one the best damn dog whisperers I've met. I was so touched when Jeff told me he watched the screener of SHELTER I gave to Adam twice in a row....and even cried!

Now all you people that are mad at me because I won't give you a screener...I had to give Adam one because he had to conceptualize this shoot!  We even added the red to match the color palette of the film.  Enough arty talk, back to the shoot.

This is what one of the final shots looks like.

This is the tank I'm wearing right now!!! Of course, looks much better on hunky Trevor.

Occasionally, Gabe or Jeremy would ask my opinion, to which I would respond, "Um, this is fashion and modeling and you're asking a lesbian.  Let me know if you need a hole drilled otherwise I'll be over drinking my cafe cubano and smoking a cigarette."

Adam with Jeremy.

For insights into Adam's version of the shoot, and to see the rest of his incredible work, check out

*That's a reference to the first line in Apocalypse Now. Saigon. Shit. Still here.
**I bet Jeremy got that!

To see all the final shots, and to read the article (which your's truly wrote) please darlings, don't let me keep you a second longer from going to Frontierspublishing.com

And I'll be seeing you at the gay movies!

Kissing the air next to your cheek,

The Lesbian Diarist

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Anonymous said...

J.D. - Robert the Librarian here. We've met a couple times before, but most notably at Frank and Doria's party at Eleven during Outfest last year. Anyway, I can't tell you how proud I am of you, Jonah and the whole SHELTER crew. I've been evangelizing to friends in real life and online about this movie ever since the Outfest screening, and I won't quit until they all tell me they've seen it. It really is my favorite gay film since BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and probably one of my favorite gay films of the last few decades. Seeing it just the once was torture and I've been craving a second, third and more viewing ever since. If anybody else is peeking at this comment, I'm not kidding, it's that good! Do not miss it! I'll be at the Sunset 5 seeing it several times after it opens. I'm hoping to sneak out to the Smoking Cocktail Mixer on Wednesday to congratulate you personally, but if I get waylaid, I just wanted to say, Thank you for this movie, J.D. You, and everyone else responsible for it, should be deeply proud of yourselves. Bravo!!!

Mark in DE said...

I heart Adam Bouska.

God, I hardly recognized Brad Rowe with brown hair and a beard. Such a shame he's straight. Sigh.

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

Just saw Shelter. A truly amazing movie. I am still in my emotional recovery period that is still lingering with me. Very few movies do this to me. Trevor Wright was outstanding. If only he were gay; that's the type of man I fall for. I do hope to see more of Trevor in the future.

JimA said...

J.D. - Kudos to a terrific job on this screen gem. I drove to Birmingham, AL (scary) from Atlanta last weekend to see it at a film fest. It exceeded my high expectations. The script, performances, production quality were all top notch. Most low-budget indies must sacrifice sound quality to "git 'er done". Not so with your film. I spoke with a few LO50s after the film and informed them that a "precious lesbian" was the driver behind this project. They roared. I'm chatting up SHELTER for its Atlanta premiere on 4/4/08. I will see it several more times and buy a few copies of the DVD for friends. I am very proud of you and you should take pride in a creative job well done!

blau_bleu78 said...

Hi.. salut from Jakarta - Indonesia..
i LOVE this film.. just like Brad Rowe said that it's about opportunities.. i love the scene, love the actors, mmmm love u guys..
n i love trevor wright... lol ummm yess i do love him... :)

Anonymous said...

you have by far touched my heart with this movie,which has never happened in my life before especially due to this movie. i have watched it like five times since thursday i think its just incredible, im not gay or male but the love that is expressed in shelter just makes me so warm and happy. its the film i watch when im down or in need of a little uplifting and i thank you. i hope that there will be a sequel although i doubt it, but if there is ... a million thanks in advance.

majinisan said...

i was watching this movie on youtube .The storyline is so touching & so approachable to everyone !!love the casts especially trevor wright who managed to portrayed a healthy boy who came to realised who he truly is !! Keep up the good works !!fans from Malaysia

Anonymous said...

This film was shown in New Zealand this year and I thank you all for a wonderful movie. Finally we see a fabulous movie showing positive themes and a happy ending. I bought the DVD and have see it a number of times. I've lent it out to friends to watch and they have also been moved by it. Love the soundtrack (off i-tunes) too. A winner all round and I hope that there is a sequal. I'd love to see just how this couple continue with their lives.

Wellington, New Zealand.