Sunday, March 2, 2008

IN Magazine 10th Anniversary Party

This was an outstanding party and everyone was there.

Me with my tv husband Jason Stuart and Canned Heat.

Lezzie Lizzie with Fitz and Thea Gill.

Sirius Radio's Doria Biddle with Dinah Shore Weekend Godfather Mariah Hanson and the lesbian diarist.

We are members of the high order of the karaoke crooners. And have cool black glasses.'s Karman shoots Bridget McManus asking embarrassing questions of Mariah.

William from Ariztical Entertainment, Mattheu from Frontiers
Bridget McManus and Karman Klegloe test their camera light.

From DANTE'S COVE and beyond, Jill Bennett with Thea Gill.

Cathy DeBuono from the WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM? vlog, with her cohost Lucia.

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