Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Embarrassing Birthday Moment Number One

Hello darlings,

Well today is my birthday. I am officially older than Methuselah. I never thought I would ever be this old. I mean...42?! That's like the age of parents and school teachers.

Anyway I started my birthday at 12:01 since I happened to be at the lesbians vs the gay men karaoke and those folks will use any excuse to get crazy.

My friend, the illustrious writer Lisa D decided to pen a song to sing for me. Usually Miss D's talents can be found gracing the ranks of the New York Times best seller list (she's so expensive, I asked her once to proof read my blog and she quoted me 3 grand), but tonight she made an exception and scribbled something in my honor.

And since I live in Hollywood, there was someone there to film the entire episode.

So here is the karaoke musical tribute to the old gray haired lesbian diarist.

Thank you everybody!!!

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Mark in DE said...

Happy birthday Darling!!! Worry not my dear, haven't you heard that 42 is the new 32?

Glad your birthday was spent with your two best friends: karaoke and Moet!

Mark :-)

Lisa said...

All hail JD, the birthday la-dy! Damn, I wish that song had been in a different key. Happy birthday, girlie. xoxo

StacyJill said...

Happy birthday doll!!! I'll see you next month at Dinah! :) xoxox

Minnie-sota said...

That Lisa really knows how to pen a song! Happy Birthday a day late.