Thursday, March 6, 2008

Buy SHELTER on DVD and Catch the New Music Video!!!

The best gay film ever made* is coming to dvd, and you too can order it and add it to your collection.

Just click on the poster, buy it, and you'll get a great surprise in the mail in two months.

Click here to order the dvd this wonderful film!

Watch the music video by recording artist SHANE MACK and read ALL ABOUT SHELTER on or!! Or better still, read the article in THE ADVOCATE this week on it.

*Okay, okay fine. I said this and it is my film, but OUT did call it an "instant classic" and the film has won tons of awards at film festivals around the world. Including for cinematography and acting! And come on...GAY SURFERS

And just because you're a lesbian doesn't mean you won't fall in love too! Just check out these girls right after a screening of SHELTER in Palm Springs. This is a true testimonial!!!

Here's the trailer:

And you can catch me being interviewed about it:

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