Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Lost

Dear JJ Abrams,

As a New Year's resolution might I suggest perhaps answering more questions than raising them?  I'm still wondering what the black smoke means and how polar bears got on the island.

Also, just wondering why there aren't any gay survivors.  I mean, weren't there flight attendants on that plane?

With all these new questions, new mysteries and new characters...please don't tell me this will all end with Jack waking up from a dream in a bed next to Suzanne Pleshette or worse, in a Victoria Principal's shower.  Or god forbid, with all the survivors looking up to the sky only to see Fonzie jumping a motorcycle over the island.


The Lesbian Diarist

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ChadDarnell said...

Dear Lesbian Diarist -

All of the flight attendants fashioned a raft (though, let's be honest, they needed the lesbians to do all the work) with their seats used as floatation devices and are currently running a fabulous clothing optional spa in Honolulu.

(And Kate is really transexual.)

Thanks for watching!

JJ Abrams

JD said...

LOL...that's funny, Chad.

Did you watch last night? Does Kurt Vonnegut get residuals?


JD said...

I have a better theory. All the homos on flight 815 ended up going back in time and landing on...FIRE ISLAND...somewhere in the mid '70's.