Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catholics up in arms over SHELTER school screening

They say there's no such thing as bad press. But when it's right wing Christian hate press....

"this is the perverts, also known as homosexuals fostering their satanic culture on our children..."

"This is another example of the blatant homosexual agenda attacking vulnerable children."

What are they talking about? Well, my film of course.

My film SHELTER will screen at Crossroads School as part of their Gay Straight Alliance Program. Of course, the idea of showing a GAY film to high school and middle students to some people... you can imagine the comments. Actually you don't have to, because I'll post them here.

SHELTER is the perfect film to show kids because it depicts gay men as having a healthy relationship which includes family and kids. And it's not some LIFETIME movie, it's a HOT SURFER FLICK.

A common response we get from the film is tears. Literally. Gay men have been so moved by the mere images shown of a happy, healthy, drug free, loving family which includes two men.

I don't think I need to tell anyone on my blog roll how important that is to get these images to people that feel shame, are fearful and are feeling pressure from their family or communities around being gay.

And I will tell you... the intent of myself and the studio, here! films, was exactly that. We wanted to make an entertaining gay film without drugs, hustlers, death and/or suicide.

Studies have confirmed that up to 50% of all LGBT youth have attempted suicide. 30% have succeeded. This is brought on by fear, loneliness and isolation. As gays that have gone on to college and moved out into the real world with success, we owe it to our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to show them it's okay. This is a common experience we all share as part of the LGBT community. We all once lived in that moment...knowing we were different, wondering if it was okay, and finally coming out.

Anyway, here's a link to the article. Feel free to launch an attack in the comments. I'll include two choice ones.

Click here to read Catholic News Article on SHELTER

Posted Tuesday, November 13, 2007 10:46 AM By Mike
And we wonder why sexual abuse cases are increasing in staggering numbers. This is another example of the blatant homosexual agenda attacking vulnerable children. I am saddened that the homosexual community uses schools for such young children as a breeding ground to increase its numbers. Our culture of death has created an environment that makes it impossible for children to understand their sexuality in a way other than a means to a self-fulfilling end. These children become more confused and vulnerable to homosexual tendencies as there is an increase in sexual stimuli around them, and the homosexual community is taking full advantage of this vulnerability. As Christians, we need to be diligent in creating a culture of life and help foster purity in these children. Sexual abuse, rape and homosexuality will continue to increase until we become a culture of purity, not a culture of pleasure seekers. If we continue to feed our disordered sexual desire, our disordered appetite will grow and never be satisfied until we realize that our true satisfaction comes from God. God has given us such a wonderful gift in our sexuality as a means to love Him and we have used it as a means to love ourselves. Our sexuality has become apple Adam and Eve could not resist and is the tool used by the devil to remove us from the grace of God. Homosexuality is merely a byproduct of our sexual transgressions. Please check out to find some great insights into JPII’s Theology of the Body. God Bless.

Posted Tuesday, November 13, 2007 12:36 PM By Daniel
I have a very open mind, my mind tells me this is the perverts, also known as homosexuals fostering their satanic culture on our children. Do they have a nice movie showing the children the ravages of AIDS that cut the kindom of gaydom admirers life span to about 44 years, compared to 78 for those who do not wallow in the sewers of this pathetic life style. I thought lying and spinning the truth was just a Hilarious Clinton sickness, apparently she has really rubbed of the the gay community. Tell the truth to the children, show them your suffering from this disease, show them the suicides, show them the degenerate side of gaydom. MAY GOD BLESS YOU

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Mark in DE said...

What is so ridiculous is that these people haven't even seen the film, yet they speak with such conviction about the homosexual agenda and influencing children.

If anything, SHELTER shows that a young gay man has so much concern for his family (nephew) that he and his boyfriend assume sole responsibility for the boy when his hetero mother abandons him for her latest boyfriend.

Hate mongers, all of them!


Mark in DE said...

Oh, and you can bet I left a comment on that website you listed. I think I showed amazing restraint. Hopefully I got my point across.


Doria said...

Now they're getting pissy about what PRIVATE SCHOOLS do? Is no one safe from these fanatics?

Cuir Vargas said...

Wow, How can they think and write all those things? I'm like shocked by reading those two columns.

Michael Coulombe said...

I am always saddened when I read such posts as these from "Christians" who claim they teach and preach the word of God. They always talk of the Gay Agenda. I'm gay and have no idea what that is. But I wonder if they use it as away to blind America from the Christian Agenda. It's the religious sect that has, through history, that has destroyed, killed, and terrorized people for their faith...not the gay community.

I did not grow up in a religious household. Fortunately, my parents taught my sister and I to follow our own religious path...and to this day I thought that was one of the bravest things they ever did.

I came out when I was 17. I was a senior in high school. The next year I went to a college. I was part of the school's choir. (I've always had a love of singing.) My first and second year were the hardest because their were so many "re-born again" Christians in our group.

Now everyone knew I was gay...I was dating one of the fellow students in the group. We were just dating...but those so-called Christians would remind me every day that I was going to Hell and that God didn't love me because I was gay. I didn't talk to them about it, it wasn't even their business... but they were obsessed with my homosexuality more than I was.

Truthfully, I started doubting myself...both as a gay man AND as a Christian. And here I thought religion was supposed to help you and instead it was tearing me apart. I couldn't sleep at nights. I was so angry. Angry at God and angry at these people for being so spiteful in the name of God.

Then I woke up one day and I realized I had a choice to make. So I went to class the next day and when they began to tease or taunt me I looked at them and I said: "I no longer believe in your God, I believe in MY God. Your God teaches hate; my God teaches love."

Christians forget that our love for God comes from in and spreads outward not the other way around.

I know this is a lengthy post and I say all that above to say this: Christians never seem to deal with their own problems just everyone elses. They forget that their love of God should come from within and spread out.

You never hear of Gay crime. Gays haven't taken over countries and killed in the name of Gaydom. That was the religious sect.

The only Gay agenda I know of is the one where gays and lesbians just want to wake up every day and love and be loved and share that happiness with others. Ironic, how it mirrors that of the religious agenda!!!!