Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dante's Cove Premiere and Party

(Above photos from Faye Sadou)

Gabriel Romero and Linda Fusco, famed WeHo Lesbian Promoter and mighty fine Italian chick.

Here's Greg Michael and Greg Lee. Now I know you boys will be jealous when I tell you this, but a few years back I spent 10 days with these boys on the beautiful, deserted island of Grand Turk. I know, all that wasted on a lesbian. I spent more time playing with the stray cats around my hotel then oogling their tan, fit topless bods.

Just so you know what that was like....below left is what was there morning, noon and night, and pictured right was where my attention was:

Here I am outside the theatre with Apple chick, Kirstie and my good buddy John.

Here's Allan Brocka because let's face wouldn't be a gay Hollywood event without him.

Jessica Graham, hot off her Best Actress win at the Tampa International LGBT Festival, hits the red carpet.

Catch her playing the no-nonsense private lesbian dick (????) in 2 MINUTES LATER. No one does a black cocktail dress and revolver like her!

I'm not sure I can adore anyone more than I do Charlie David. Handsome as all hell, but a wonderful guy who - fresh off the boat (or however folks get here) from Canada - started his career in Hollywood by coming out of the closet. YOU KNOW that is not always a good career move, and people warned him, but he wanted to embrace his own identity and now since that, he's starred in Dante's Cove, A FOUR LETTER WORD and just finished starring in and producing a wonderful indie film, MULLIGANS, which is the gay Graduate for our generation.

Just because I can't stop adoring Charlie, here's a photo of him from his web site. ADORABLE! My god, that profile!

Our gift bags included Ginch Gonch DANTE'S COVE UNDERWEAR. Some people couldn't wait to get home to try it on.

Hey, you darlings over at the here! network, if you want to get on the lesbian diarist's good side, would you ship a box of those to my house? I just adore them.
Miss Thea Gill and Michelle Wolff. Hot, hot, hot.
Miss Thea Gill with David Milburn.
Finally, a glass of champagne at the after party. After all those penises and disco music, I needed a cocktail.

The after party had free cocktails and free underwear. Yup, that's a gay party!

Okay, you bitches, I fucking told you to get there early because there'd be a line. You must take advantage of my insider information!

The line went outside and down the block and even fabulous, famous folks had to wait!

Here is the beloved Krauss in the House with Michelle Wolff. Krauss, baby, you know all us filmmakers that do business with the here! network just adore you. Your sense of humour, genuine support and kind words - plus all the volunteering you do for the community! - just remember we all LOVE YOU!!!!

Speaking of doing things for the community - here's the lady that always makes sure we have liquor. Leslie, wherever you are, get to work landing Moet as my sponsor, baby! Mama wants a case of White Star at every event I attend.

Off the hook. As always. Congrats to everyone on a job well done - especially all you OUT actors!

As you know, I love the OUT ACTORS. Here's a piece I did on the out actors on Dante's Cove two years ago. Hear the inside thoughts of Charlie David, Michelle Wolff and Gabriel Romero about being queer in Hollywood.

Here's the cover of the Advocate, which Gabriel references in the above piece. I met this lovely man 8 years ago when I worked at OUTFEST and we screened LOS BELTRAN - which was the first show ever on Spanish television to have an openly gay and out character. Later we traveled the festival circuit together when he was the star of A MOMENT LATER, which was a wonderful film with an important message. And Gabriel was naked in that too!

Okay, so the crowd was so massive, I did not get to see a few important folks, but here's some photos.

Reichen is also in the show. I don't know him well, but we spoke for a long time at Charlie's party a few weeks ago. He is so active in raising money for the Service Members Defense League - a cause dear to my heart, and he was in the Air Force, and your's truly is an Air Force brat!

It is really amazing what gays in the military have to deal with - shocking, actually - so it's wonderful when someone can use their celebrity to shed light on this, like he has. Also of note, his grandmother was a pilot in the Army Air Corps in WWII (my dad was a navigator in WWII Army Air Corp). There's a cute picture of her on his myspace page.

Here, with Michelle Wolff, is Jenny Shimizu and Jill Bennett.

Jill had a huge turn out and cheering factory! One woman even wore a t shirt that read - MORE SCENES WITH JILL BENNETT NAKED.

I briefly saw Tracy Scoggins, who looked fantastic as always. She's the Alexis Carrington of the show, and delivers her role like a sexy vixen with a Gloria Swanson flair.

I have to say, with all the liquor at that event, the evening went on and on and on forever and this lesbian diarist actually found herself at some strange lesbian's place at 4 am with ten other homos singing Carpenters songs. All I can remember thinking is....Jesus.... a lesbian with an accoustic guitar, now you never see that!

I'm off to recover. All you people out there keep making wonderful LGBT entertainment for our community, and the rest of you...KEEP SUPPORTING IT. We're all in this together, bitches.



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Mark in DE said...

KUDOS to OUT actors! It may not be a particularly 'safe' career move, but its definitely worth it.

What? A Carpenters singa-along? Sounds like you died and went to heaven!!!

Keep dishin' the dish, doll.