Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Gay History

Hello darlings. This just in: The Trevor Project has launched a new website and campaign to coincide with National Suicide Prevention Week. "Don't erase your queer history". You can visit and support the web site at this link:

Don't Erase Your Queer Future

For those of you that are unfamiliar, The Trevor Project is a wonderful organization that runs the only national 24/7 suicide and crisis prevention hotline for LGBT and Q (meaning Questioning, not queer!) youth.

The hotline number is 1.866.4.u.trevor

If you have a myspace or web site, it'd be great to get that number out there so teens and kids that are struggling with queer issues can know they have a place to call - a friendly and supportive voice to help them. This is very important, peoples, as we all know.

Gay teens are 3 times more likely to attempt suicide than they're heterosexual peers. On average, every five hours a gay teen will take his or her life. Staggering.

The other night whilst at gay karaoke, a friend said something to me that really touched me. Or maybe she touched me, then said something to me. Either way, what was said as we looked across the room full of both gays and lesbians laughing and chatting was, "The thing that is so amazing is that no matter who we are or what we're like, the one thing we all have in common as gay people is that to reach this point, we all had to go through so much. Both in realizing and dealing with the fact that we're gay, to telling people and living our truth. As you look out amongst our peers, that is the one thing we all share. That journey."

Which I think is true. So in keeping with that, I think it's really important for us to take the time to reach out to those younger 'mos who are going through what we all went through and let them know it's going to be okay. Whether you do this yourself, or support an organization like The Trevor Project by sending a check... I think we all owe it to our gay family.

And enjoy the site! It highlights some famous 'mos in history and their accomplishments.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted this.

Good reminder for the Hollywood set to be careful how you treat people - you never know what they are going through.

People's outsides rarely match their insides.

Owen Wilson, case in point.

We need the Trevor Project, but that is ultimately a helpline and a PSA.

We also need people who pay attention to how they treat EVERYONE.

Treat others how you want to be treated, and don't judge books by their covers.