Sunday, September 16, 2007

GYMNAST DVD Release Party and White Party at 2 Degrees

Oh my god, what a fucking party last night in West Hollywood at ELEVEN. The girls were decked out, the place was fabulous, the music was pumping, celebs showed up, the performance was eye-popping, the dance floor was packed and this lesbian diarist drank so much champaigne, I thought I'd die and gone to heaven.

But first, I have to give a little love to the fabulous event I did NOT attend yesterday, which was my friend LK Avelar's POOL BOY party at the Standard hotel. This is a wonderful once-a-month pool party for boys. LK keeps inviting me, but with all the gorgeous half naked (and naked, or so I hear) boys out there covered in oil and looking all nubile in the sun, can you just imagine looking over and seeing a short, gray haired lesbian in a full body colorful MOO MOO and large rimmed straw hat hiding in the corner like some old queen on fire Island on the '70's?!!?!

But it's a great event and although I don't have any photos from yesterday, this will give you a general idea.

For more info on POOLBOY, visit LK's myspace: LINK TO MYSPACE POOLBOY

Now on to THE GYMNAST DVD Release party and the White Party, both at 2 Degrees at ELEVEN hosted by Shannon and Mariah.

Here is the stunning star of THE GYMNAST Dreya Weber with pal, Pink.

The cougars showed up early. No one told my friends and I that it was a WHITE PARTY. I told my friend, "I'm sorry, but it's after labor day and if I wear white my mother will come back from the grave to hit me over the side of the head."

As per always, this was my date for the evening.

Okay, here was the fantastic performance by Dreya Weber where she did a sexy and sensual aerial show from the rafters:

The spectacular finale and the crowd goes wild.

Y'all, I have to tell you, THE GYMNAST is a beautiful and wonderful lesbian film! It won 20 BEST OF awards on the festival circuit last year and you should all BUY IT NOW!!!


God, how am I going to work up the strength to go to the Emmy party today! Dear god. Who knows, but tune in tomorrow for all the dish from that.

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idgeet said...

i've never been to a party like that.. ever! it looks like it was amazing! thanks for sharing...

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