Tuesday, August 21, 2007

West Hollywood on Fire

Well, there was a fire on the second floor of Mickey's today.

No word yet on what survived. Here's some photos Allan Brocka took a few hours ago.

Mickey's is on the same block as A DIFFERENT LIGHT Bookstore and my beloved EAST/WEST so hopefully they survived!

Oh, this is from last year. I believe this is what they mean by IRONY.

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Allan Brocka's Blog

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Allan said...

You left out the best picture! The "Micky's Flaming Gay Bar" float in the pride parade this year.

Cookielu1999 said...

Local news reports said only Mickeys was damaged: most of the fire damage contained to the 2nd floor with extensive water damage to the first floor.

A Different Light is reported to be fine. The guy who was working there yesterday afternoon, don't know his name, was interviewed on TV last night and he said it was scary so he just grabbed all the cash from the register and got out.