Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gay Network Exec Poses Naked!!!!

So, there are two gay networks, right? Here! and LOGO. And much of this blog is about my life in LGBT filmmaking and all my out gay friends that do the same. So anyway, in this week's issue of FRONTIERS, the cover boy wasn't the usual actor or model it was none other than LOGO's very own Andrew Oldershaw!

"I did it for charity," he tells me at the party for the mag last Thursday at the WeHo hot spot, ELEVEN.

The party was to celebrate the HOT 25 - "Angelinos that Define What's Hot", and to welcome new editor, Jeremy Kinser.

Okay, Andrew isn't COMPLETELY naked in the photo spread. His bits and pieces are tastefully covered. Barely.

I already love this magazine, but this made me love them all the more. The HOT 25 was actually a list of wonderful people in our community that do incredible work in the LGBT arena. Here I was expecting yet another list of hot naked boys, but no.

Andrew is the Vice Chair of the YPC at our LA GAY AND LESBIAN CENTER and also volunteers and chairs events for GLASS and GLAAD as well.

Here's a list of the folks that are really making a difference here in LA;

And here's the folks that came to the party:
Here's writer/director/producer Allan Brocka (RICK & STEVE, BOY CULTURE, EATING OUT), with director/producer Lee Friedlander (OUT AT THE WEDDING, THE RULES, GIRL PLAY, EXES AND OHS) and my current boy crush, Wilson Cruz (he's so dreamy! Handsome, intelligent and sweet!)

Julie Newmar hosted the auction and raffle. Money was raised for the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. (

There's new editor Jeremy Kinser in above photo on the left.

Lee couldn't help canoodling with one of the huge blow ups of Andrew.

Speaking of posing naked, I just got this. My friend Jim Verraros (AMERICAN IDOL, EATING OUT 2) just did a spread for an underwear company.

My first thought was so maternal, like, sweetheart, put some pants on honey, people can see you and you're going to catch a cold. Then I realized if I told all the actors I've worked with to put some pants on, I wouldn't have a career!

I just adore all the young men I've worked with, then I get all maternal and think of them as adopted sons. It was so bad on the set of EATING OUT 2 that even though Marco Dapper walked around the set naked most of the time, I couldn't look! Honey, you're going to catch a cold and everyone can see your bits and pieces! (meanwhile that dvd hit #47 on Amazon a few months ago).

Yup, this is what a typical day on set looks like for me. Here I am on the last day of shooting on SHELTER.

I mean, I coulda put parkas on them, but then how are we going to sell tickets!?

Regarding posing for FRONTIERS, Andrew told me, "What the hell? This is one of those things that I'll look back on when I'm 70 and be glad I did it". So it got me thinking, what if I did a nude photo spread?

So guess what? Get your September issue of CURVE magazine and look for my risque nude photo spread:

Calm down, that's not me. It's Natasha Kinski from the 1970's. I'm much thinner.

And I am in CURVE this month, only fully clothed. I know. Boring. I'll leave the nude spreads to the boys....


Do you see what the kids are doing today? They are starting their own web sites for streaming LGBT entertainment!

Last Tuesday, OutLicious Tv launched with a cocktail party at my favorite WeHo night spot, East/West.

Here's Jeff Mack from OUTFEST, with the belle of any ball, Bruce Vilanch and buddy Mark Cirillo.
Bruce definitely puts the Catty in Catskills humour, and you might remember Mark from that little film I did years ago where he played Ingrid Bergman:

Mark, we'll always have Gay Propaganda....

Here's CEO of Outlicious, Brian Pelletier, flanked by fans.
The lesbians contingency.
Oh my god, there was even karaoke! How gay! (and I mean that in the best possible way!)

You can check out this fabulous new site at:

And subscribe to Andrew's YouTube video blog. He mostly wears clothes in that, but it's still great:

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