Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Big Gay Debate

Okay, before I move on to the gay scene in Hollywood this past week, I have to stop and say A GAY FUCKING DEBATE?

The big celebri-gay event in Hollywood this week is taking on a political spin.

On August 9th, HRC and LOGO are going to host a forum in Los Angeles with presidential candidates Hillary, Edwards and Barack. Also involved will be Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Christopher Dodd and Bill Richardson. This was almost immediatley coined "The Gay Debate".

I have so much to say about this, I don't even know where to start. First, the details: Logo will broadcast the event live and HRC will have an interactive internet thing going simultaneously. For more info on either go to or

Now my thoughts.

As thrilled and excited as I am about the whole thing, don't these people know it's political suicide to side with the gays in this right wing, Christian society? Bush practically won the last election by saying he didn't support gay marriage. Dobson and FOCUS ON THE FAMILY made a huge deal of reaching out to all their "supporters" to rally them against the gays, for Christ's sake. Pardon the pun. No, don't pardon the pun, these people piss me off.

(if you want to hear about James Dobson and the swaying of the Christian vote, here's a snippet from NPR's Fresh Air on the subject)

I like what Hillary has been doing - which is to meet with members of HRC and other groups IN PRIVATE letting them know she has their backs, while being able to maintain a front that will get the rest of this backwards, red state country to vote her in. I know she's got my back. I don't mind if she doesn't go on tv to tell the country she supports us, if that means she gets elected. The Clintons did as much as they could for LGBT rights whilst in office, even against horrible opposition. As much as don't ask/don't tell killed us, remember it started with a basic wish of wanting gays to be in the military, then exploded when the right wing and military absolutely refused.

Anyway, what concerns me is that these candidates will say something that will appear all over the country and work against them. And inversely, what is going to happen if they all ride the fence at a gay event! If they don't verbally support LGBT issues in a direct way, the gays may turn on them. If they say something outright, they may offend that huge Evangelical Christian base of the US. It seems like a no win situation.

I'm just praying that Hillary has some kick ass speech writers that are rhetoric wizards so all of this doesn't come around and bite her in the ass.

Oh, I finally decided who I'm voting for - Hillary. I just decided a few days ago.

Here I am with La Clinton at the last gay fundraiser she had in LA whilst running for Senate.

She has the balls to stand up to the opposition, she has over 30 years of experience in politics and she has been building her base and allies in the Senate. Barack is all fine and dandy, but he won't stand a chance in office once the Right Wing starts to go after him. Remember Clinton? From the day he took office, the entire republican party worked overtime to get him out. Whitewater, Monica-gate... it was neverending! He and Hillary stood their ground, and accomplished some wonderful things for this country.

If you've forgotten how much the right wing republicans (backed by special interest groups in pharmaceuticals, big oil, and Fundamentalist Christian groups) tried to bring down a liberal president (who believed in equal rights, health care, etc) just take a look at this video:

People, we have some serious problems in this country now. Big time. The war, health care, education, the arts, the environment... everything goes hand in hand, and everything has suffered in this current regime. Hillary and Barack are the only two candidates - period - that seem to have a soul for every single issue which needs to be addressed to make this country the great nation the republican/right wing propaganda purports us to be. And who we are and should be in this world.

We need a kick ass, take no prisoners leader that will get in there and start to fix this mess. That person will need to know the ins and outs of politics - how to play dirty, how to work the system. Barack just doesn't have those ties just yet. Without ties in the House and Senate, one person can't take this on. I can almost guarantee you that for the last twenty years, Hillary has been building those ties and when she takes office she'll already have a plan, a team and an arsenal.

Here's an example of Bill Clinton having the balls to go on Murdoch owned FOX NEWS and challenge them.

My favorite from Bill is "You have that smirk on your face and you think you're so clever".

And here is La Clinton speeking to HRC this past March.

If you live in LA and you'd like to come to the event this Thursday at the Abbey, please go here to purchase tickets:

Anyway, tomorrow, more about parties and movies.

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Carollani said...

God bless the Clintons. My friends and I are having a "The Big Gaybate" party. I think most of us are leaning towards Hillary, but we LOVE Gravel for his passionate outbursts and snarkiness.