Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday - Sing Out Louise - The DREAMGIRLS Singalong

Well, I started my day bright and early at 8 am listening to the OUTFEST coverage on Sirius's Frank DeCaro Show. I was hoping they'd mention the SHELTER screening the previous night, but to be honest with you, I've spent so much time away from the house lately that my cats were all over me and purring like old edsels on either side of me l so I couldn't really hear.

Up until yesterday, cohost Doria Biddle's favorite film of the festival was Lesbian Sexploitation. I was kinda hoping that would shift after my screening.

Our discussion about the festival films whilst picnicking at the Ford yesterday went something like this. D Biddle was telling actress Jessica Graham, "I mean, really. I just challenge you to name a film in the history of cinema that rivals Lesbian Sexploitation."

"Um," I said, "Lawrence of Arabia?"

"Nonesense, JD," she said, "That film made gay prison rape seem just horrid. Not at all like the sexual frollickings of the lesbian prisons depicted in Lesbian Sexploitation!"

So I read her blog today on and discovered, indeed, Lesbian Sexploitation was still her favorite film of the festival. Sigh. You just can't please everyone!

After trying to listen to the radio past the love starved purrs of the felines, I rushed off to do some volunteer work shooting a PSA for PETA. As with most PETA things, it involved a naked supermodel.

Just to clarify, the supermodel is the one on the right.

This supermodel was to be photographed naked on a bed of red chili peppers. Something about making being a veg sexy.

Anyway, onto one of the most important and life affirming screenings of the festival....THE DREAMGIRLS SING ALONG!!!

Oh. My. God. Let me tell you, if you have NOT had the experience of seeing a musical outside at the Ford with 1100 homosexuals... you have not lived! I mean, people not only know the words, but the choreography as well.

Okay, the night started with Mr Bill Condon (here with producer Laurence Mark) who introduced the film.

Then it was a special performance by DREAMGIRLS original cast member LORETTA DEVINE. This woman is un-fucking - believable, and she got a standing ovation.

This night was just unbelievable. I mean, this is a story about a survivor, and you know how much the gays love a story about someone beating the odds and going up against the system.

The highlight of the night was not the big show stopper AND I AM TELLING YOU...although that was delicious.

The most moving part of the evening was during the song, WE ARE A FAMILY. Y'all and I am telling you, this was just so emotional. Everyone in the audience lifted their cell phones towards the sky, lights on- and the homosexuals raised their voices in full unison singing:

"It is more than you,
it is more than me,
We are a family.
This dream is for all of us,
This one can be real and no one can stop us now...."

1100 gays singing together, under the stars, with their cel phones lighting up the night sky! I mean, folks, do we have a new gay show tune anthem (Sorry Jerry Herman, I will always love I AM WHAT I AM!!!!)

But this was amazing. All voices, raised in unison:

"We are a family,
like a giant tree
Branching out to the sky
We are not alone any more...there are others here...
And that dream is there for all of us to share
Growing strong, growing wider
We are!"

Just for you guys, because I love you, here is a video of that joyous event.

I dare you not to tear up just a bit!!!! I mean 1100 homosexuals, under the stars, raising our voices out in song....WE ARE A FAMILY.... indeed.

A tear...

Okay, kids, I'm off to bed. The afore mentioned Frank and Doria have asked me to stop by and chat about Outfest on OutQ 109, Sirius, so tune in if you get it Friday am.

Tomorrow is The DGA ALL GIRL FRIDAY. That's where all the lesbians go in as girls, and come out as women.

God have mercy on us all.

And remember, when you speak of this, and you will, please be kind....

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